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Release Highlights, July 2022: Key Visual for bookmarks, Background color for to-dos in list-view & Notification “Changes in to-do details” extended

Release Highlights, July 2022:

Key Visual for bookmarks, Background color for to-dos in list-view & Notification "Changes in to-do details" extended

This is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

All of this should improve your MARMIND experience as much as possible and help you stay on top of your marketing processes.

BOOKMARKS - Key visual for bookmark

This release introduces the possibility to save a separate key visual for each bookmark. By providing your own key visual, you can make sure that the bookmark is clearly structured on the Start page.

Now it is no longer necessary for all bookmarks of one context to have the same key visual; this greatly reduces navigation efforts and makes it easier to visually distinguish between different bookmarks on the start page.

CUSTOM FIELDS - Automatic update of calculated fields after saving

Previously, after changing and saving fields used for calculated fields, a refresh had to be made to update the calculation.

Now the refresh is triggered automatically when saving fields. This will save you time calculating and checking your bookmarks!

TO-DOS - Background color for to-dos in list view

To-dos can now be colored based on different criteria in the board and list view.
The following criteria are available for lists and boards: Status, category, milestone and priority.

TO-DO SETTINGS | Bugfix: In to-do checklist for to-dos with description

We have solved an error in the administration settings of to-do checklists and are happy to inform you that this should no longer result in an error message. You can again make changes to your checklists, such as adding descriptions/texts to tasks or deleting them

TO-DOS - Deactivation of to-do categories

We’re excited to announce that to-do categories can now be deactivated in the settings. Deactivated categories are no longer displayed for selection on the to-do.
This feature allows you to keep your folders tidy and organized.

NOTIFICATIONS - Notification "Changes in to-do details" extended

Users who are the responsible or a participant of a to-do & who have activated the notification “Change to-do details” now receive additional information such as:

  • an asset has been referenced to the to-do,
  • an asset has been removed from the to-do,
  • the original asset referenced to the to-do has been deleted,
  • an asset referenced to the to-do has been versioned, and
  • a version of an asset referenced to the to-do has been deleted.

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