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Release Highlights 12/23

This is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. All of this should improve your MARMIND experience as much as possible and help you stay on top of your marketing processes.

GRID: Carry out a workflow step for multiple objects

We have added a new feature to the grid module that allows you to carry out a workflow step for multiple objects at once.


Select two or more lines in the workflow column and click the menu at the top of the column. If you click “Execute workflow step”, a popup window will open to let you select the workflow step you want to carry out.


If you don’t have the necessary rights for some of the objects, they will be highlighted in red. You can deselect them and then carry out the workflow step.


Please note this option is only available if the selected objects have the same status, i.e. if the workflow step that follows is the same for all of them.

BUDGET & COSTS: Prefill cost names

We have made a number of improvements to make tracking costs easier.


When creating or editing costs, MARMIND will populate the name field with the spend type you have selected. If you want to use a different name, you can easily change it manually.


If you select a different spend type after changing the name manually, MARMIND won’t override the name. Unless you delete the name before selecting a new spend type, in which case MARMIND will populate the cost name again.

ASSET: Export annotations as PDF now available for video

Last month, we made an update that allows you to create a PDF export for images which includes annotations and markers. This feature is now also available for videos.


Let’s say you and your team want to review a video that an external agency has created for you. All you have to do is upload the video in MARMIND and use the annotations features. Once everyone has left their comments, you can simply create a PDF that includes all annotations and time stamps. You can also choose to include markers.


Besides comments and markers, the PDF includes all relevant details such as asset name, link, and version, and creator of export and creation date.

Good to know

We are constantly working on improving our product to make it even better for you. Some things you might want to know on the fly can be found in our tutorial videos.