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Release Highlights 04/23: Related to-dos, hiding to-do groups, new to-do and grid filters

This is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. All of this should improve your MARMIND experience as much as possible and help you stay on top of your marketing processes.

TO-DOS: Related To-dos

Hooray! Related to-dos are here now, meaning that you can easily link to-dos with each other.


Simply open a to-do and click the Sub-tasks tab. Under Related to-dos, you can start adding any to-dos you would like to link the one that is currently open. The links work both ways, i.e. if you open a related to-do, the one that you just edited will show up as a related to-do.


In the list, you will see important details such as MM-ID, status and the date at a glance. If you need more details, you can open the relevant do-to with one click.


You can remove related to-dos from that list by simply clicking the Unlink button.

If you copy a to-do, it will automatically be linked to the original.


If you add a to-do to the list that certain users don’t have permissions for, it will be blurred out for those specific users.

TO-DOS: Hide groups

Both the list and board view now allow you to hide to-do groups. You want to hide all to-dos that don’t have a date? No problem – bookmark your favorite views so can go back to them later with just one click.

TO-DOS: New filters – date completed & date created

Two new to-do filters are now available in MARMIND:

  • Date completed: You want to have an overview of all to-dos that were completed recently? This filter allows to search to-dos that were completed that day, the day before or during the past 7/14/30 days.
  • Date created: You created a whole list of tasks for the entire month and want to go back to them the following day to remind yourself which ones you added? Use the Date created filter to search for to-dos that you created that day, the day before or during the past 7/14/30 days.

BUDGET & COSTS: New filters available for the Grid

To make the Grid even more functional, we added new filters for Status, Budget group and Cost type, and tree objects.

Good to know

We are constantly working on improving our product to make it even better for you. Some things you might want to know on the fly can be found in our constantly updated tutorial videos.