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Release-Highlights 02/23: New default view in the Grid, how to exclude rejected costs from forecast & update on Plan BETA

This is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. All of this should improve your MARMIND experience as much as possible and help you stay on top of your marketing processes.

PLAN BETA: Working calendars now hidden by default

In the Plan view, working calendars are now hidden by default. To change the settings, go to ‘Display’ and click the toggle bar to hide or show working calendars.

GRID: New default view

In the Grid default view, archived elements are now hidden. This means that you don’t have to do any filtering to hide archived elements when jumping to the Grid tab. In addition, we made some changes to the default view to keep it more organized.

BUDGET & COSTS: Exclude rejected costs from forecast

The Budget and Costs module has seen two updates this month:

  • When looking at a budget planning area, you can now exclude rejected costs from the forecast. To do this, go to the settings within that budget planning area and make sure that “Actuals editable” is on. If “Actuals editable” is off, rejected costs from past periods will be included in the forecast.
  • We added a new description to help users enter exchange rates. It reads as follows: “Please define the exchange rate from the key currency to the selected currency.”

INTEGRATIONS: Improved lock logic for MS Office Connector

The to-do checklist has now been extended in the settings so that sub-tasks can be predefined in the pop-up of each individual to-do.

These are automatically created when a to-do checklist is used.

Good to know

We are constantly working on improving our product to make it even better for you. Some things you might want to know on the fly can be found in our constantly updated tutorial videos.


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Peter is Digital Marketing Manager at MARMIND and mainly responsible for website and lead management. When he's not busy creating content, he is developing new strategic approaches for campaign planning.