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Integrated Editing of Office documents with MARMIND Office connector – ease the editing of online documents!

Editing online documents, made easy.

Have you ever wondered if editing of online documents could be easier than downloading a document, edit it, and upload it again?

MARMIND integrates a Microsoft Office connector that makes editing of online documents feel like local editing (and it is actually).

No download is needed for this anymore. Just edit – upload – and save your changes.

MARMIND implements a connector, that shares the current version of the Office document in MARMIND to your computer.

Changes are saved back to MARMIND and immediately available to other users in the system.

The MARMIND Office connector makes it easy, to share document editing between teams.

When uploading a compatible Office-document team members immediately are enabled to edit* this document from within MARMIND.

A safe versioning of Office documents is handled from within MARMIND.


this MARMIND feature requires Microsoft Office to be installed on your system

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Acoustic Campaign

Plan marketing emails in MARMIND, send them to Acoustic Campaign for publishing, and send performance data, such as open and click rates, back to MARMIND.
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Plan and budget campaigns in MARMIND, send them to ActiveCampaign for publishing across multiple channels, and push KPIs back into MARMIND.
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Adobe Experience Cloud

Plan marketing campaigns in MARMIND, send them to Adobe Experience Cloud for publishing, and push your KPIs back into MARMIND.
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Dynamics 365

Create content in MARMIND, send it to Dynamics 365 for publishing, and push relevant KPIs back into MARMIND.
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Combine MARMIND with Emarsys to create a unique omnichannel customer experience.
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Connect MARMIND with Salesforce for efficient campaign planning and execution and to sync KPIs.
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SAP Marketing Cloud

Create marketing emails and other content in MARMIND, send it to SAP Marketing Cloud for publishing, and push your KPIs back into MARMIND.
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