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Check in when our CMO, Andy Culligan is getting the real lowdown with top drawer marketers from across the planet. THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING will deliver you loads of impressions coming from the mouths of global marketing experts from HubSpot, Raiffeisen Bank International AG, European Marketing Confederation (EMC), DataSnipper, ReachDesk, strategicABM, to name but a few!!

Episode #34:

Talia Wolf
CEO & Founder | Getuplift

In this episode, we’ll dive deep into the dynamic world of conversion optimization with Talia Wolf, CEO & Founder of Getuplift.

Discover the game-changing strategy of Emotional Targeting, a unique approach that revolutionizes B2B marketing. Talia shares insights into crafting customer-first experiences, going beyond conventional optimization methods.

Delve into the psychology behind decision-making and learn how understanding emotional intent transforms not just your website but your entire funnel – and gain invaluable perspectives on A/B testing pitfalls, debunking best practices, and the fundamental importance of meaningful customer research.

Tune in for a treasure trove of practical advice and elevate your marketing game with Talia’s expertise!🎧


👉 Connect with Talia on LinkedIn

👉 Check out Getuplift’s website here

Episode #33:

Margaret Kelsey
Founder & Marketing Advisor | TatCo

🎙️Crafting Success: Decoding Effective Marketing Strategies

Join us in our latest podcast episode as we unravel the secrets of strategic marketing with Margaret Kelsey, a leading expert in guiding B2B startups. Margaret’s journey from OpenView to advising founders and heads of marketing has yielded invaluable strategies for success. Explore how startups can navigate crucial growth phases, craft tailored marketing approaches, and align internal values with their brand’s external image.

Margaret’s expertise shines as she unveils the balance between creativity and strategy that fuels startup triumphs in today’s competitive landscape. Tune in for a concise yet impactful conversation on Spotify and YouTube. Elevate your marketing game with Margaret’s actionable insights! 🚀🎧

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👉 Find out more about TatCo

Episode #32:

Juliana Méndez
Fractional CMO | VP Growth

“Companies need to be aware that – instead of just jumping onto this trend because everyone is doing it – that it’s a really long and difficult process, even more so if you also have a sales-led motion established.”

In this episode of our podcast This Is Your Captain Speaking, join us as we explore the world of fractional CMOs and leaders with the exceptional Juliana Méndez. Delve into Juliana’s journey, uncovering how she transitioned from a consultant to a fractional leader, seeking more impactful, long-term projects while steering clear of full-time commitments. Discover the critical differences between consultancy and fractional leadership, as Juliana emphasizes the necessity for deeper involvement and tangible results. Gain insights into her accelerated learning across 40+ teams, understanding the need for speed and adaptability in fractional leadership.

Explore Juliana’s expertise in product-led growth strategies, unraveling the complexities of aligning user needs with product functionalities. Gain invaluable insights into implementing dual sales motions, optimizing customer acquisition costs, and scaling businesses effectively across diverse market segments. Tune in to Your Marketing Insight for an enlightening conversation with Juliana Méndez, offering actionable insights to revolutionize your marketing approach! 🎧

Episode #31:

Caitlin Cassady
VP of Marketing | Beyond

In this episode, Andy speaks to Caitlin Cassady, VP of Marketing at Beyond.

Caitlin explains the business model behind Beyond and shares some of the challenges around marketing multi-product solutions to multiple audiences. (Spoiler: One of the biggest challenges is building a website that allows users from different segments to convert even though the customer journey can look very different for them.)

Diving deeper into effective CTAs, she highlights how offering a free credit rather than a free trial didn’t only help her marketing team increase conversions but also improve adoption and usage.

Last but not least, Caitlin also shares some stories from her past in the martech world and how she realized she was doing a rebrand a few months into the rebrand project. Tune in to find out more!

Connect with Caitlin on LinkedIn:

Find out more about Beyond:

Episode #30:

Daniel Nyberg
VP of Marketing | Paligo

Our guest in this episode is Daniel Nyberg, VP Marketing at Paligo.
Daniel explains what a component CMS is and talks about the challenges that come with marketing a product that is a niche within a niche. He speaks about the importance of allowing customers to self-educate them about your product and explains why he thinks of demand generation as educating the market.

He also tells us why category management is an important part of his marketing strategy and why he has been keeping an eye on Bing lately (hint: it’s because there has been an increase in organic traffic from Bing).
Last but not least, Andy and Daniel speak about Paligo’s martech stack and the differences between some of the leading CRMs.

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Episode #29:

Andy Riegler Andrews
Teamlead Marketing | epunkt

Our guest in this episode is Andy Andrews, Teamlead Marketing at Austrian recruiting firm ⁠epunkt⁠. Andy tells us about how he first got into Marketing Automation more than 10 years ago, what the challenges were back then and what doing Marketing Automation means today. He shares some of his worst moments when it comes to trying to integrate two systems and explains why roll-backs can be an absolute lifesaver. He also lets us in on a few secrets, such as one of his favorite B2B campaign ideas and what his tech stack looks like at the moment.

If you’re in a love-hate relationship with your CRM, this episode is for you! Listen to the entire episode to find out more.

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Episode #28:

Trinity Nguyen
VP of Marketing | UserGems

In this episode, Andy discusses current challenges in marketing with Trinity Nguyen, VP Marketing at UserGems.

Trinity explains how, in her view, the current economic climate helps her do a better job, rather than making things difficult:

“With the current environment, we are kind of forced to do the right thing, even though it’s very painful. I mean, nobody wants to have stricter ICP criteria. I’m responsible for the revenue and the pipeline, so the bigger the ICP, the better. But seeing how things play out and being in a position where you can see all the numbers that a healthy business should have – the net retention, the growth retention, all that stuff – it kind of helps you to make the right decisions, even though it’s painful.”

She also shares her views on pricing strategies, why no two product marketing roles are the same, and how being a product marketer has helped her gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of marketing.

And last but not least, Trinity tell us why she would rather drink her own champagne than eat her own dog food. Tune in for more!

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Episode #27:

Jane Serra
VP of Marketing | Justuno

In this episode, Andy discusses podcasting and current challenges in marketing with Jane Serra, VP Marketing at Justuno and host of the Women in B2B Marketing podcast.

Jane lets us in on why she started the Women in B2B marketing podcast (spoiler: it’s because women are underrepresented on podcasts) and what her biggest challenge is when it comes to creating new episodes.
She also tells us where she learnt to speak 1.5 languages and why her son will soon speak two.

When it comes to some of the challenges she is currently facing as a marketer, she says that she has noticed a trend towards outbound:
“Inbound has dried up, at least a portion of it. Demand gen is really difficult right now, at least the lead gen side of it. Efforts are shifting back to outbound.”

Tune in to find out more (and to hear Andy and Jane rant about attribution towards the end).

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Episode #26:

Cathy McPhillips
Chief Growth Officer |
Marketing AI Institute

In this episode, we discuss AI and the impact it is going to have on marketing with Cathy McPhillips from the Marketing AI Institute.

Cathy shares some of her own use cases, highlighting that AI has helped her cut the amount of hours she spends on producing the Institute’s podcast and repurposing the content from 17 to 2.5 hours per week.

Speaking about AI and its general implications, she states that, in her view, technology that is not AI-powered will not be around for much longer: “I feel like AI-powered technology in a few years is going to be technology. I think the technologies that don’t keep up and that don’t find a smarter version, that don’t embed AI into what they’re doing are probably not going to be around in a couple of years.”

Listen to the entire episode to find out more.

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Episode #25:

Georgiana Laudi
Co-Founder & CEO | Forget The Funnel

In this episode, we discuss customer-led growth with ⁠Georgiana Laudi⁠.
Georgiana is a product marketing and growth advisor with more than 20 years’ experience in the marketing space.

When advising companies on their marketing, she often finds that marketers are not empowered to make their own strategic decisions, but are told how to do marketing.

She highlights how customer research can help marketing teams eliminate guesswork and build solid strategies instead.

Tune in for more!

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Episode #24:

Stefan von Lieven
Founder & CEO | artegic AG

For this episode, Andy had a chat with artegic founder Stefan von Lieven about why email marketing is still relevant today despite having been pronounced dead countless times.

“When social media became really popular, everyone was saying that email is dead. It’s going to be all social media from now on. We were like ‘ok, let’s see’. And then, after a while, all these big platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, used email to engage me and to get me back on their platform. So email has been very much about retention and identification. And I believe with first party data and the cookie-less era, email will become the center of it all.”

Tune in and find out more about artegic, their marketing automation software Elaine, and why email remains one of the most important channels in marketing.

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Episode #23:

Stacey Danheiser
Founder & CMO | SHAKE Marketing

In this episode of This is Your Captain Speaking, B2B growth marketing strategist Stacey Danheiser speaks about why marketers feel like order takers these days and why it’s important for them to focus on the customer instead of tech and tactics.

“I started to notice a trend where marketing is moving into this sort of tactical realm. And I have a lot of conversations with marketers and companies these days and the marketers feel like order takers, and the CEOs feel like they have to tell the marketing team what to do. And so we’ve kind of like swung the pendulum away from customers and into, you know, tech and tactics.”

 Listen in as Stacey discusses how marketers can have more satisfaction and joy from their career by focusing on what the customer wants instead of trying to get through a long list of to-dos every day.

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Episode #22:

David Raab
Founder | CDP Institute

In this episode, we dive into the world of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) with our guest David Raab. David shares his experiences in building the category and defining CDPs, highlighting the challenges and frustrations he faced along the way.

He also discusses the importance of having a clear definition of CDPs, which includes building a persistent and unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. David explains that this definition was carefully crafted to exclude other systems that may appear similar but do not meet the expectations of what a CDP should do, such as segmentation, audience selection, and advanced personalization.

Tune in to learn more about CDPs and how they can benefit businesses in managing and utilizing customer data effectively.

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Episode #21:

Uwe Römgens
Managing Consultant | adesso

*** German Episode ***

With our guest Uwe Römgens (adesso) Andy talks about a hot topic that is well known to many companies at the moment: Digital transformation.
Change only works if it comes from the very top – it must therefore be initiated by the C-level, and lived and carried downwards. This should not happen ad hoc, but rather one should think about how to approach this digital transformation. Indeed, the digital transformation is often quite difficult in historically grown structures – especially here, you have to think about how best to take people with you so as not to stir up unnecessary fear and also to set the right accents in terms of strategy and communication. 
In principle, it is easy to explain: if the lower levels also see and understand what the upper tiers are looking for and are motivated accordingly to drive the transformation forward, then this is also possible in times of constant change.

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Episode #20:

Alexander Low
Director | Beyond Sales

For this episode, Andy sat down with Alexander Low, Director of BeyondSales, to speak about social selling on LinkedIn.

How can you use LinkedIn to sell your products and services? Does going viral help you grow your business? How do you create a personal brand on LinkedIn?
These are just some of the questions Andy and Alex discussed. Listen to the entire episode for more insights on how you can use LinkedIn to win new business.

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Episode #19:

Ohad Hecht
Co-Founder & CEO | Prodport

In this episode of This Is Your Captain Speaking, Ohad Hecht, CEO and founder of Prodport, speaks about why he thinks personalization is the name of the game when it comes to e-commerce and customer acquisition:

“We all wish we had billions to just throw at customer acquisition. But the reality is that every company has a certain amount of money to spend on acquiring customers, so you want to make sure you’re spending that money wisely. Now if you think about all touchpoints with your customers across all channels – whether it’s for acquisition or retention – it’s all about pushing them down the funnel to that one place where the magic happens: the product page.”
That is why he set out to start Prodport, a solution that helps businesses adapt product information in real time and increase conversions.
Tune in to find out more!

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Episode #18:

Alex Olley
Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer | Reachdesk

Our guest Alex Olley started Reachdesk because of a problem that he and his co-founders were facing: Rising above the noise and cutting through the digital clutter is becoming harder given digital channels are exploding. Reachdesk was built to help B2B companies create experiences their customers will love, and to help achieve desired results in a busy and competitive world.

Thus, companies can deliver gifts and direct mail that build deeper connections with customers, prospects, and employees at the click of a button. Alex and his team want to see a world in which every business is loved by its customers, employees, and the planet. Together, they are creating a future of gifting with zero waste. No wasted budgets, no wasteful packaging, no wasted items, and a conscious approach to carbon emissions. Sounds exciting? We agree! Then just listen in for Alex’ interesting insights.

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Episode #17:

John K. Brady
Founder | Creative Crow

Marketing has to be well thought out and executed properly for it to scale a brand. And that’s exactly what our guest John K. Brady helps early stage businesses do. Having helped brands grow in different industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, hospitality, B2B services, retail & FMCG, he brings a wealth of experience, specifically in digital marketing to the table.

The former Marketing Director of & Head of Online Marketing at Falkensteiner Hotels now is focussing on helping startups and scaleups avoid inefficient marketing investments by making sure all the basics are covered first and then engaging in marketing activities that have the highest long-term ROI. With the strong experience of the Creative Crow employees in digital marketing, John and his team cover everything themselves without the help of external partners.


Further links:

Episode #16:

Lindsay Tjepkema
CEO & Co-Founder | Casted

Casted is the first Amplified Marketing Platform and the only audio and video podcast solution designed for enterprise marketers. Casted’s platform empowers B2B companies to activate, amplify, and attribute audio and video content while increasing brand awareness, driving lead generation, and bolstering customer engagement. Casted’s customers include Salesforce, PayPal, HubSpot, Drift, and ZoomInfo. Based in Indianapolis, the company is backed by Revolution Ventures, High Alpha Capital, Elevate Ventures, Tappan Hill Ventures, and more.

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Episode #15:

Lutz Klaus
Founder & Owner | Marketing ROI Experts

Lutz Klaus is founder and owner of the consulting agency Marketing ROI Experts. He supports B2B companies in optimizing marketing and sales. His clients are among others TRUMPF, Freudenberg, PERI, ebay Kleinanzeigen, Jungheinrich Profishop and Munich Airport. 

His focus is on the successful implementation of marketing automation, lead management and data-driven marketing. Prior to founding his company in 2016, he spent 28 years in B2B marketing and sales, including the last 20 years in the IT industry at Avaya, Nortel and Juniper Networks. At Avaya, he led the EMEA channel program with 1 billion in sales volume and at Nortel, he led marketing in EMEA and APAC, among others. 
Klaus is a guest lecturer at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Mannheim. In 2018, his book “Data-Driven Marketing und der Erfolgsfaktor Mensch” was published by Springer Gabler Verlag. 

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Episode #14:

Markus Widmer
Teamlead Customer Experience | Mondi Group

It was fantastic to chat with Mondi’s Team Lead of Customer Experience Markus Widmer as he shares his powerful insights with us. One aspect that stood out: “Other digital campaigns are hard to beat, but that means things that are physical; touch and feel that give that wow effect, have become the new special thing.”

As Customer Experience Team Lead of multinational packaging and paper group MONDI, Markus Widmer and his team’s direct marketing approach put their award-winning “Catching Feels” campaign on the map. Thanks to Widmer’s and his team’s efforts, thousands of local and global brands are able to feel inspired and drive sustainability as well as innovation across the packaging and paper value chain.

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Episode #13:

Tyler Lessard
VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist | Vidyard

It’s an absolute pleasure to host Tyler Lessard on our Marketing Cockpit Podcast! Our guest’s insight of the day: “The majority of content that Sales Reps consume are LinkedIn short-form content, podcasts, and humor-based source of content.” Learn how you can appeal to your customers with fun & engaging content!

As VP Marketing & Chief Video Strategist of video media company Vidyard, Tyler Lessard and his team live and breathe video marketing by producing unique learn-and-laugh content for the sales community. The ultimate goal of Vidyard is help you connect with more buyers, close more deals, and optimize your content for real results through video hosting, enablement, and analytics. 

Fun Fact: Lessard recently published a book regarding live video marketing called “The Visual Sale!”


Further links:

Episode #12:

Kathleen Booth
Senior Vice President Marketing | Tradeswell

Today is a special treat as we welcome tech veteran Kathleen Booth and her entrepreneurial spirit. Our guest’s best advice: “B2B companies need to leverage that media mindset and combine it with community to create a flywheel for massive audience growth.” Tune in to hear more on how your company can grow its customer base!

As Senior Vice President of Marketing of software development company Tradeswell, Kathleen Booth and her team empower company growth by making e-commerce actions more informed, faster, and more profitable. The ultimate goal is to put the power of data science at the fingertips of Tradeswell’s customers, empowering their decision-making and giving them unprecedented control.

Fun fact: Booth was named one of the Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers of 2021 by TopRank!

Further links:

Episode #11:

Dan Dillon
CMO | Reveal Mobile

We’re excited to welcome Chief Marketing Officer Dan Dillon to This is Your Captain Speaking! Our guest’s insight of the day: “Our priority as a company is to massively increase organic traffic and ultimately, organic demand. We amplify this through Chat, PR, SEO, and consistent ROI goals.” 

As CMO of tech company Reveal Mobile, Dan Dillon and his team’s data-driven approach put geofencing marketing on the map. Thanks to Dillon and his team’s efforts, his clients now have the precise location data they need to better understand their customers, reach them based on where they go, and measure the actual impact of digital advertising and promotions.
Tune in to hear more on how your company can use geofencing and grow its organic traffic!

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Episode #10:

Martin Cox
Strategic Development & PR Director | Copestone: The Content Agency

“One today’s episode we’re diving deeper into the Content Marketing Industry. Our guest holds valuable insight regarding the creation of content that drives traffic: “If you’re creating great content, eventually it will be picked up. It’s about consistency and to keep on going.”

As prior Strategic Development & PR Director of the strategic marketing consultancy Copestone, Martin Cox and his team set the marketing content and creation foundation for B2B and B2C clients in sectors including engineering, industrial, energy, oil and gas, healthcare, life sciences, medical, finance, professional services, and retail.

The goal of Copestone is to provide clients with expert consultancy on how to segment and target audiences, before creating competitive marketing strategies.

Further links:

Episode #9:

Tal Valler
Chief Marketing Officer | Zoovu

On today’s episode we’re diving deeper into the Information Technology and Services Industry. Our guest’s insight into the marketing trends that are missing is that “there isn’t any CRM that is geared towards PLG. This is a gap I am trying to fill through active campaigning.”

As prior Chief Marketing Officer of SaaS company Zoovu, Tal Valler and his team set the marketing research and analysis foundation for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Bose. The goal of Zoovu is to deliver engaging product discovery experiences that guide, personalize and deliver the right product every time.

Currently, Zoovu is recognized as a Thought Leader for their approach to Conversational Commerce with a human touch, according to Forrester.

Further links:

Episode #8:

Patrick Ward
Vice President of Marketing | Rootstrap

“One of marketer’s biggest superpowers: to understand why people think the way they do and what is the context behind them.” Today, we’re diving deep into the software development space and how anyone can grow within their organization.

Responsible as the VP of Marketing of software company Rootstrap consisting of 300+ employees, across 4 continents, Patrick Ward transforms businesses with clear, consistent marketing. At Rootstrap, the team use outcome-driven development to help companies scale people, processes, and products. In this episode Patrick Ward talks to us about the challenges and best ways to create value within your company.

One way to grow your career: figure out who the powers are in your organization and bring to the executives results they actually care about.

Further links:

Episode #7:

Jordan Cohen
Chief Executive Officer & Founder |
The Fox Hill Group

Leadership skills are imperative to the success of a company. Our guest’s insight is valuable for developing self-reliance and resilience: “The importance of having people you work well with, and autonomy of having leaders who trust you in your role to do your job is key to a success for the company as a whole.”

Responsible for The Fox Hill Group consisting of a team of energized, passionate, and proven growth marketing leaders, CEO Jordan Cohen and his team help companies as an expert marketing management and research consultancy. Their goal is to spearhead marketing for tech start-ups ranging from launch phase to scale-ups gearing up for exit events.
Overall, with more than 20 years of experience, Jordan Cohen is a seasoned marketing executive with expertise in leading companies to industry dominance, VC raises, acquisitions, and IPOs.

Further links:

Episode #6:

David Rowland
Head Of Digital Marketing
EcoOnline Global

Our guest today, David Rowland, is not only part of the EcoOnline marketing team, as he’s currently also heading up the company’s EMEA & US digital marketing/demand generation activities.

Adding nearly all inbound activities, such as SEO, PPC, social, email and marketing automation to this, EcoOnline’s Head of Digital Marketing has to juggle a whole range of responsible tasks, which makes his day-to-day work not always easy, but certainly exciting. 

As the leading EHS (environmental, health and safety) SaaS-provider for organisations that are looking to centralise their entire EHS function and empower their entire workforce to promote a positive safety culture, EcoOnline plays an important role in the B2B market. 

Being a result-driven, creative and pragmatic B2B marketing all-rounder with over 12 years experience in international online/offline marketing strategy, demand generation, content creation and brand management definitely helps David to fulfill his diverse and exciting role, while not missing out on a sense of humor within the team.

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Episode #5:

Andreas Ladich
Head of Advertising & Marketing
Vienna Airport

Learning to fly with marketing – or: How to manage Vienna Airport‘s marketing processes even in difficult times. 
What sounds a bit like the headline of a management magazine actually describes the everyday life of our guest today, Andreas Ladich, extremely accurately. 

He is responsible for the marketing agendas of Vienna International Airport (VIE). In conversation with our Director Sales & Business Alliances Paul Polak, however, he also repeatedly provides insights into his second job as President of the Marketing Club Austria:
Here, topics that concern the country’s marketing industry are on the agenda, such as a recent crash course in technologization.

Focus topics such as marketing automation will also be relevant in the near future, Ladich adds.
But keeping an overview of the tools that dominate the market will be an important part of staying in the game.
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Episode #4:

Ralf Strauss
Managing Partner
Marketing TechLab GmbH

“I felt that there was a great need in the market to build bridges between marketing on the business side & the IT area”, Ralf Strauss explains, among other things, in his conversation with Andy Culligan about the origins and beginnings of the now very complex and successful Marketing TechLab GmbH.

With years of experience in top management at corporate level, Ralf was attracted over time more and more to the marketing field, but especially to the MarTech world, where he is still active today in a wide spectrum of different roles.


Further links:

Episode #3:

Herbert Horak
Head of Marketing Technology Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Marketing can sometimes get complicated, especially when it comes to specific technology in use for it. Our guest’s motto “make everything you do look easy” contributes in any case to facing up to the challenging activities of everyday marketing in the most balanced way possible.
Responsible for all the CEE network consisting of 13 countries , Herbert Horak and his team set the marketing technology network foundation for all those network banks. The goal therefore is to have a common martech stack for all of them, that is to say to harmonize all the processes. Currently, he and his team of about thirty people are still rather in the background, since they are doing a lot of groundwork.
Nevertheless, it can already be concluded: Under the radar right now, but there’s a lot of exciting stuff coming.

Further links:

Episode #2:

Declan Mulkeen

“What about if I show you what my ABM program delivers?”, is not the only question raised by our guest today, who then goes on to explain the key points of his ABM success strategy. At the same time, he also puts a few ABM truths on the table, some of which will make marketers’ pulses race, and demystifies a few “urban legends” in the process.

In this episode, the CMO of StrategicABM, Declan Mulkeen, talks to us about the daily challenges of an agency that works together with some of the largest B2B Tech brands globally on their account-based marketing strategies.

So one thing right up front: ABM requires significant orchestration.


Further links:

Episode #1:

Scott Brinker 
Vice President & Editor
HubSpot & Chiefmartec

“If you get those core applications right, then you get the most value out of them”.

Speaking of marketing automation, interactive assessment tools, etc. we’re also diving deep into the high-tech MarTech world with our first show guest every now and then.

In our first episode, the editor of Chiefmartec & VP of HubSpot’s platform ecosystem, Scott Brinker, talks to us about the increase in the speed, scale and importance of MarTech currently and in the near future. And of course, some other interesting things from the marketing world.

Further links: