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Marketing Resource Management Software

MARMIND is the leading Marketing Resource Management software for the enterprise.

It helps global marketing teams stay on top of campaign plans, budgets, and results, allowing them to manage their work more effectively.

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MARMIND is the only Marketing Resource Management solution to combine plans, budgets, and results in one platform.

MARMIND allows marketing teams to create seamless workflows across point solutions, departments, and locations, enabling AI-driven resource allocation, better coordination across teams, and smarter investment decisions.

Marketing Planning

Turn your marketing strategy into an actionable plan using our interactive marketing calendar. Break down campaigns into goals, channels, and actions, and use integrated briefing templates to ensure all team members are aligned.

marketing planning

Cross-Team Collaboration​

Consolidate team interaction into one central platform instead of switching back and forth between multiple applications. Set up work packages and to-dos and use pre-defined checklists for recurring tasks to manage your projects more effectively.

to-do management

Content & Digital Assets

Manage your digital assets on a central platform instead of having to use additional file sharing apps. Store your files directly in MARMIND, use tags to organize them, compare different versions, and leave comments for your team members to collaborate effectively.  

asset handling

Budget & Spend Management​

Stop pulling data into spreadsheets and start using a professional budgeting and cost tracking tool. With MARMIND, you can easily create top-down budgets, see your remaining budget at a glance, and keep track of spending without having to manage dozens of Excel sheets.

budget and costs

Performance & Control

Pull all your performance data into a central dashboard instead of managing multiple spreadsheets. Define relevant KPIs for your business and track results per campaign or individual action. This way, you are always in control: You know what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to shift budget quickly if needed and maintain control over your marketing.

performance control

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End-to-End Marketing Processes

Build seamless workflows across point solutions and teams.

Connect your single point solutions

Get rid of silos and gain a 360-degree view of your marketing activities with a unified platform that allows you to connect data, people, and processes.

Create custom workflows for your team

Eliminate manual, error-prone processes and get ready to automate your workflows across point solutions, departments, and locations.

Why Marketing Ops Teams Love Us

MARMIND helps you streamline your operations and stay on top of your marketing.

Allocate resources efficiently

MARMIND allows you to track your marketing spend and measure the outcome of your activities in real time. This way, you always know which campaigns are performing best and why.

Manage activities based on insights & results

Optimize resource allocation through automated insights, cross-channel performance predictions, and AI-driven recommendations.

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