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MARMIND is a leading Marketing Resource Management platform that empowers marketers worldwide to optimize resources and maximize results. We are not only committed to delivering quality marketing software, but we also strive to provide outstanding customer service.

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We have different customer support options available depending on your Service Level Agreement. Are you new to MARMIND? Browse our Knowledge Base to get started.

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MARMIND solves the challenges that marketing departments are confronted with on a daily basis.

Brigitte Kommer

Marketing Manager, Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe

MARMIND has helped our marketing arrive in the 21st century.

Paul Carruzzo

Head of EMEA Marketing Performance, Invesco

MARMIND helps our marketing team complete projects much faster.

Frank Friese

MARMIND Subproject Manager, Deutsche Telekom

The MARMIND team really understands how enterprise marketing works.

Annika Schünemann

Brand Management and Marketing Control, WAGO

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

MARMIND features a modular design and can be customized according to your requirements. New functionalities can also be added at a later point in time.

MARMIND is available in German and English. Users can select their preferred language in their profile.

MARMIND supports the latest version of all major browsers.

Modern tablets and smartphones are supported. MARMIND is fully functional on tablets. The mobile version is limited to comments, workflow steps and viewing assets.

MARMIND allows uploading large images and videos with a size of up to 5 GB, streaming included.

MARMIND has a comprehensive API, which we are happy to provide. Please contact us with your name, company name and some details on the purpose of the integration, and we will get in touch with you.

MARMIND is designed as an enterprise solution for hundreds of users. Global companies with several offices rely on MARMIND. If required, we offer stress testing to determine the stability of the software.

Please go to our Knowledge Base for tips and tricks on how to use MARMIND.

Permissions in MARMIND

A number of different permission options are available in the standard version. Users can be assigned different roles (admin, moderator, participant and guest) per workspace. Individual permissions, such as viewing only or viewing and editing, can be assigned per workspace.

MARMIND lets you use private workspaces for selected users.

Yes, MARMIND offers you the flexibility to manage data and any other information per lead or client and keep them separate.

Interfaces & Connectors

In addition to a Restful API with JSON as the data format, MARMIND provides connectors and a provider concept for the integration of third-party systems, such as authentication, MAM systems, social media connectors etc. There is also a feature concept to add functionalities to MARMIND.

We use the following web services: IIS on Windows server basis, Nginx on Linux as reverse proxy, .NET/.NetCore full stack web application, Angular/React.


Besides creating custom hierarchies, MARMIND allows you to use your own terminology and master data.

MARMIND is not only extensible, it can also be customized according to your needs.

Any user can add custom attributes using custom fields.

Customer-specific requirements are implemented as features, i.e. as software development kits that are ready for release. If there is a new release, we ensure that compatibility is granted.

A visual editor for MARMIND workflows is available for all entities. Default standard workflows will help you get started. We also offer customer-specific workflow definitions tailored to your needs.

Teams and individual users can customize their project and task dashboards based on groupings, filters and navigation levels. Dashboards can be saved as bookmarks and shared with individual users or the whole team.

Hosting & Security

Your data is stored on the Microsoft Azure® cloud platform using data centers in Germany. Microsoft Azure is one of the largest certified cloud platforms (ISO 27001) in the world. Microsoft guarantees the highest possible availability for secure, stable operation. MARMIND can be hosted at other Azure datacenters upon request.

For more information, see the following pages:

MARMIND & Microsoft AzureMARMIND Cloud Security | MARMIND Privacy Policy

3 reasons why we use Azure data centers in Germany:

Cloud computing in Germany:

  • All your data and related hardware reside in Germany.
  • Geo-replication between data centers in Germany supports business continuity.
  • Secured datacenters provide 24/7 monitoring.

Azure keeps your data secure:

Commitment to GDPR:

Yes, of course. In addition to using our secure, high-performance cloud platform, you have the option of hosting MARMIND Enterprise locally using your own IT environment.