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In our high quality content pieces like ebooks and guides you will learn everything about current marketing trends, marketing resource management.

The MARMIND content helps you to safely manage your marketing and keep it on the right track.

marketing management software

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose Marketing Resource Management Software for Your Business

Whenever a business considers switching to Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software, they should first understand what they are getting into. MRM software can help streamline the marketing process and free up valuable time for other activities that may be beneficial to the organization.

cmo handbook

The Complete Handbook for CMO Success in 2023

There’s no doubt about it, the role of a Chief Marketing Officer is a BIG job. This E-Book will help you to keep the overview of your marketing and to keep it on track.


Marketing Operations – The Ultimate A-Z Guide

MOps is still in its infancy. That’s primarily due to every company being different, and there isn’t a standard structure that can be applied to every marketing model. So, we’ve put together this short guide to illuminate what MOps is and how it should work in your company.


The modern approach to marketing budgets

Have you ever lost profits to a marketing project?
Regardless of if you have or not, it’s highly likely you don’t want to go through something like that (again). When you read our ebook on marketing budgets, an end will be in sight – time to cut the losses.


E-Book: Unifying your marketing stack

Reasons to develop your current martech stack


Step-by-Step Guide: How to Calculate the ROI of MARMIND

Using your gut instinct simply isn’t enough when working out whether software is worth the investment. Find out how you can calculate the return on investment and payback period of a Marketing Resource Management platform like MARMIND systematically.