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Content & Digital Assets

Keep your team’s content organized and manage your files in one place

Central File Storage

Get rid of additional file sharing apps and store your digital assets directly in MARMIND. Use tags to organize them, compare different versions, and leave comments for your team members to collaborate effectively.

File Sharing

Share files with team members and external suppliers.

Annotations & Version Control

Boost your content creation and review process with annotations and version control. Compare different versions side by side and comment directly on images, videos, and other files to make collaboration easier.

Approval Workflows

Use the MARMIND workflow engine and set up custom workflows to enhance your creation, review, and approval processes.

Collaborative Content and Asset Creation

Store your files in one place and use annotations, @mentions, version control, and automated approval workflows to streamline your content and asset creation process.

Eliminate Chaotic File Management From Your Marketing

Watch our video to find out how you can manage files and collaborate on content with MARMIND.

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Digital Asset Management for marketers

Focus on Content Creation

Stop wasting time on tedious file sharing processes and focus your team on what really matters. Use one central platform to collaborate with team members, agencies, and freelancers instead of switching back and forth between different tools.

Automate Approval Workflows

Use the powerful MARMIND workflow engine to build custom approval workflows. Rely on automated task sequences to improve your content creation and review process and reduce manual errors.

Automated marketing workflows based on custom processes
Marketing email template in MRM software

Create End-to-End Processes

Map out your campaigns in MARMIND and use custom fields to create templates for marketing emails, social media posts etc. Send your template to your newsletter or social media publishing tool to automatically populate fields. Make some more edits before you hit ‘send’ or ‘publish’.

“There are countless campaign planning tools out there. But MARMIND offers much more than that: It allows me to plan
budgets, draw up and distribute to-do lists, manage approvals… To a certain extent, MARMIND covers the entire marketing cycle.“

Nicola Raebiger

Head of CLM Campaign Planning, Groupe Mutuel

“In the past, I needed multiple tools to collate figures and KPIs. MARMIND makes it a lot easier for me to analyze campaigns, which saves us even more time.”

Stephanie Renner

Onlinemarketing and Social Media, Styria Tourism

I always say that MARMIND is the magical Excel file in the cloud – with the difference that it is easier to operate, can be used by everyone at the same time, and nobody loses sight of the big picture.

Markus Widmer

Team Lead Customer Experience, Mondi Group

MARMIND helps our marketing team complete projects much faster.

Frank Friese

MARMIND Subproject Manager, Deutsche Telekom

MARMIND solves the challenges that marketing departments are confronted with on a daily basis.

Brigitte Kommer

Marketing Manager, Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe

The MARMIND team really understands how enterprise marketing works.

Annika Schünemann

Brand Management and Marketing Control, WAGO

Fast-track implementation made it possible to realize the roll-out in all EMEA countries within three months.

Peter Kotzur

Director Marketing Window Solutions, REHAU

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Buyer's Guide

How to choose Marketing Resource Management Software for Your Business

MRM software can help streamline the marketing process and free up valuable time for other activities that may be beneficial to the organization. But not all MRM solutions are created equal and selecting an effective one can be difficult.

We’ll guide you through the process of selecting MRM software for your business. But before we dive into details, let’s fully grasp what MRM is and how it can benefit your business.