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Integrate MARMIND with Jira to sync to-dos, object statuses, etc. – and to trigger certain actions in MARMIND.

TODOs are synched between MARMIND and JIRA

  • The synchronization is modelled in Workato (iPaaS Platform)
  • Both, the synchronized data and also the processes can be adapted according to the customer’s need
  • All synchronization options can easily be configured

Have you ever got the situation, that you plan your todos in more than one todo management solution? Or even worse: Were you often forced to use different ones?

In fact, this isn’t a problem with MARMIND and the JIRA connector. By synching todos from one place to the other no double maintenance work is required anymore on your todos.

Just plan your todos and rely on MARMIND to handle the perfect synchronization.

(Hint: Compare also further todo connectors like ASANA)


By connecting MARMIND with JIRA your work is kept perfectly in sync.

Content and processes are well aligned by a configurable synchronization process, that is perfectly adapted to your company’s requirements

When changed, to-dos are immediately synched from MARMIND to JIRA and backwards.

This makes a coordination of your todos possible in one single place – whichever you prefer.

Finally: This puts an end to duplicate work and stops data loss.

Looking for more integrations?

Here we present you all the integrations that are already available and those that are on our roadmap.

Acoustic logo

Acoustic Campaign

Plan marketing emails in MARMIND, send them to Acoustic Campaign for publishing, and send performance data, such as open and click rates, back to MARMIND.
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Active Campaign logo


Plan and budget campaigns in MARMIND, send them to ActiveCampaign for publishing across multiple channels, and push KPIs back into MARMIND.
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Adobe Experience Cloud logo

Adobe Experience Cloud

Plan marketing campaigns in MARMIND, send them to Adobe Experience Cloud for publishing, and push your KPIs back into MARMIND.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 logo

Dynamics 365

Create content in MARMIND, send it to Dynamics 365 for publishing, and push relevant KPIs back into MARMIND.
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Emarsys logo


Combine MARMIND with Emarsys to create a unique omnichannel customer experience.
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Salesforce logo


Connect MARMIND with Salesforce for efficient campaign planning and execution and to sync KPIs.
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SAP logo

SAP Marketing Cloud

Create marketing emails and other content in MARMIND, send it to SAP Marketing Cloud for publishing, and push your KPIs back into MARMIND.
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