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Efficient Campaign and Budget Planning: How MARMIND Helps Groupe Mutuel to Save Time on Marketing

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In the region of two days’ labor a month.

That is the time Groupe Mutuel estimates that it saves on campaign planning with MARMIND. And that is just the beginning. Once budget planning and KPI tracking also take place in MARMIND, there will be another substantial drop in the time spent on manual marketing tasks.

Groupe Mutuel is a Swiss insurance company that, in recent years, has transitioned from a classical insurance business to a solution provider with a focus on customer orientation. Even if its sole target market is Switzerland, the processes in the marketing department are still complex as campaigns and marketing material have to be produced in four different languages: German, Italian, French, and English.

A central platform for the entire marketing cycle

When Nicola Raebiger, Head of CLM Campaign Planning, joined Groupe Mutuel, she knew that one of her first tasks would be to introduce a campaign planning tool. She had already worked with MARMIND at her previous employer so knew the benefits of the marketing resource management platform:

„There are countless campaign planning tools out there. But MARMIND offers much more than that: It allows me to plan budgets, draw up and distribute to-do lists, manage approvals… To a certain extent, MARMIND covers the entire marketing cycle.”

Nicola Raebiger, Head of CLM Campaign Planning, Groupe Mutuel

Office applications are not suitable for campaign and budget planning

She explains that prior to the introduction of MARMIND, the company’s marketing team used classical Office applications: “Like most other people, we also had these marvellous Excel files. We didn’t have a campaign planning tool, instead everything was done in Excel and PowerPoint.”
However, using Office applications for campaign planning will quickly cause a marketing team to run into constraints. As Nicola Raebiger explains:

„An Excel file doesn’t give me a calendar view. I can’t immediately see what our upcoming events are. Sometimes the date is missing, sometimes the data are not up to date. And sometimes the file has been saved elsewhere and no one knows where the current version is.“

Nicola Raebiger, Head of CLM Campaign Planning, Groupe Mutuel

It is also easy to lose track of budget planning: “Let’s say, for example, that my colleague is currently revising the marketing budget in Excel. Out of the blue, he asks me if I’ve changed anything in his tab. I say no. Then I remember that our manager asked for the budget to be reallocated and my colleague probably wasn’t told. In the meantime, though, my colleague has changed yet another thing. In the end, no one’s got a clue what’s going on,” says Raebinger with a twinkle in her eye.

Beyond a certain size, a company needs marketing resource management

MARMIND prevents such things from happening anymore, as everything is managed on a central platform. Campaigns are planned step by step, tasks are distributed, deadlines set, budgets allocated, and the log allows users to track any changes made.

Approval processes can also be mapped out in a clear fashion, making campaign planning and continuous coordination among the team much easier.

“With MARMIND, everyone knows what their jobs are. Before, everyone also knew what their jobs were, but sometimes the bigger picture was missing. This meant that sometimes things got forgotten,” explains Raebiger.

MARMIND saves the company two days’ labor a month

Despite MARMIND not having been fully introduced yet, campaign planning has already grown in efficiency. Instead of data being saved in multiple Excel files, they are now recorded centrally in MARMIND. Raebiger estimates that this already saves an hour’s work per person per week. And that is just the beginning.

For Nicola Raebiger, the next step is to use MARMIND to record budgets: “Now that we are on top of campaign planning, my focus is on budget planning. Central administration of our budgets in MARMIND will make our everyday work a lot easier again.”

Her focus will then shift to KPIs, where the plan is for tracking data from other tools, such as Power BI, to be automatically captured in MARMIND. Currently, tracking data are still being manually transferred into Excel files, where they are analysed. As a result, campaign analysis is extremely time consuming and prone to error.

More important than the software: The people behind the product

As Nicola was already familiar with MARMIND, she knew what she should focus on during its introduction. More than anything, she values the collaboration with the people behind the product:

„MARMIND is a very helpful and smart tool that is continuously undergoing development. But for me, what really sets the company apart is its customer proximity. My contacts there are always very helpful and flexible. I’m never told that our needs can’t be met. The feeling that a solution can always be found – well that’s what makes MARMIND so special for me.“

Nicola Raebiger, Head of CLM Campaign Planning, Groupe Mutuel

The other team members are also pleased that MARMIND meets all of their marketing resource management needs. As Raebiger explains: “MARMIND is very extensive. It’s not just a case of sitting down and starting. But now that my colleagues are familiar with it, they are highly satisfied.”

Once campaign planning, budget planning, and KPI tracking are fully mapped out in MARMIND, Nicola Raebiger wants to link it up to the CRM system:  “I hope that a further step will be to also be able to automatically transfer the data from our CRM to MARMIND. This would save us a great deal more work.”