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Optimise your social media management through the seamless integration of MARMIND and Benefit from an efficient and time-saving way of working, to make your social media channels even more successful.

The integration of MARMIND and unites two strong MarTech systems that together enable an even more effective marketing strategy. The integration allows seamless data exchange between both systems and thus offers an extended range of functions for social media management and content planning.

By linking MARMIND and, marketers can access and manage their social media campaigns in real time. The smooth workflow between the two systems simplifies collaboration between different teams and improves efficiency in the marketing process.

The integration also enables the automatic transfer of data, such as social media statistics, from to MARMIND. This data can then be used in the planning of marketing campaigns and the creation of reports to enable informed decision-making.

The combination of MARMIND and provides marketers with a powerful solution to optimise their marketing strategies and execute successful campaigns.

Looking for more integrations?

Here we present you all the integrations that are already available and those that are on our roadmap.

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Acoustic Campaign

Plan marketing emails in MARMIND, send them to Acoustic Campaign for publishing, and send performance data, such as open and click rates, back to MARMIND.
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Plan and budget campaigns in MARMIND, send them to ActiveCampaign for publishing across multiple channels, and push KPIs back into MARMIND.
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Adobe Experience Cloud

Plan marketing campaigns in MARMIND, send them to Adobe Experience Cloud for publishing, and push your KPIs back into MARMIND.
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Dynamics 365

Create content in MARMIND, send it to Dynamics 365 for publishing, and push relevant KPIs back into MARMIND.
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Combine MARMIND with Emarsys to create a unique omnichannel customer experience.
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Connect MARMIND with Salesforce for efficient campaign planning and execution and to sync KPIs.
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SAP Marketing Cloud

Create marketing emails and other content in MARMIND, send it to SAP Marketing Cloud for publishing, and push your KPIs back into MARMIND.
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