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Track marketing data with Adverity and push it into MARMIND to combine planning, budgeting and performance analysis in one platform.

MARMIND and Adverity offer a powerful connection with two main use cases:

Providing Marketing Planning- & Structural Data, Budget Planning Data, etc. to Adverity

To map Performance Data, KPIs, etc. out of multiple sources against

Integrating different data streams from Adverity to MARMIND

To seamlessly draw data from multiple data sources like social channels, databases and any other 3rd party data pots

The data transfer in either direction is realized via the MARMIND GraphQL API with real time transferring options

Automated Naming Conventions generated in MARMIND and being used to map detailed data relations is a key success factor for multiple customers.

MARMIND & Adverity are often used as architectural base layer under a visualization component like PowerBI, MicroStrategy, Google Data Studio, etc. to provide detailed data sets consisting out of PLANNING Data, BUDGET & COST Data & PERFORMANCE Data.

This makes customers able to set up steering relevant dashboards and spend their marketing dollars best.

Example MARMIND & Adverity: Bidirectional Data Exchange Process

Looking for more integrations?

Here we present you all the integrations that are already available and those that are on our roadmap.

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Acoustic Campaign

Plan marketing emails in MARMIND, send them to Acoustic Campaign for publishing, and send performance data, such as open and click rates, back to MARMIND.
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Plan and budget campaigns in MARMIND, send them to ActiveCampaign for publishing across multiple channels, and push KPIs back into MARMIND.
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Adobe Experience Cloud

Plan marketing campaigns in MARMIND, send them to Adobe Experience Cloud for publishing, and push your KPIs back into MARMIND.
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Dynamics 365

Create content in MARMIND, send it to Dynamics 365 for publishing, and push relevant KPIs back into MARMIND.
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Combine MARMIND with Emarsys to create a unique omnichannel customer experience.
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Connect MARMIND with Salesforce for efficient campaign planning and execution and to sync KPIs.
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SAP Marketing Cloud

Create marketing emails and other content in MARMIND, send it to SAP Marketing Cloud for publishing, and push your KPIs back into MARMIND.
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