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Efficient Marketing Planning with the New Marketing Calendar in MARMIND

MARMIND is a Marketing Resource Management solution that combines plans, budgets and results in one place.

In order to offer our customers even more options for marketing planning, we have recently introduced a calendar module in addition to our tried-and-tested plan module.

Wanted: Highly functional yet flexible calendar module

MARMIND enables medium-sized and large companies to map very complex planning processes. Therefore, we were looking for a calendar module that on the one hand meets our high functionality requirements and on the other hand is flexible enough to adapt to our UI/UX.

The solution: Bryntum Calendar

As part of the evaluation, we wanted to look at different solutions. Bryntum Calendar was at the top of our list, as the product immediately caught our eye due to its look and feel.

The more detailed evaluation revealed that the solution exactly met our numerous requirements. Using an Angular component, it was also easy to integrate into our code.

As part of a proof-of-concept implementation, Bryntum provided us with the component in full for a limited period of time. Our conclusion: Bryntum Calendar is exactly what we were looking for!

Thus, it was clear to us that we had found the right solution. The other solutions, which we originally also wanted to evaluate in detail, were thus out of the running.

Smooth implementation thanks to excellent support

In the course of the implementation, there were minor problems such as untyped interfaces. However, Bryntum support was able to help us quickly and straightforwardly, so that the implementation went smoothly overall.

Since April 2023, MARMIND has one more module thanks to Bryntum Calendar: a clear marketing calendar that helps our customers keep track of their campaigns.

Marketing calendar

Simple, efficient and straightforward marketing planning

The feedback of our users is clear: The new calendar makes marketing planning much easier, more efficient and straightforward.

Large marketing teams now have a central marketing calendar that is easy to use and provides both a good overview and detailed planning.

A marketing team typically needs a campaign calendar, a social media calendar, an event calendar, a content calendar, etc. Instead of tediously creating many different calendars that are not connected to each other, marketing teams can now create one central calendar.

Using filters and groupings, they can then create different views that include, for example, only social media posts, only events, etc. This way, they can always get an overview of the big picture and still plan individual posts down to the last detail.

Our conclusion: With Bryntum Calendar and MARMIND, marketing planning just got a whole lot easier!

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