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Marketing planning End-to-End: 4 Good Reasons for Marketing Resource Management

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Digital transformation confronts enterprises and their marketing divisions with almost overwhelmingly complex tasks, with ever more diverse target groups requiring ever more concerted and concentrated collaboration across the company as well as with external partner companies. Marketing resource management systems, which we already took a general look at in our article on MRM systems, are here to help square the circle. In this article, we will give you an idea of how MARMIND® not only helps organize your marketing in a centralized way, but also of how to transparently manage it in everyday life, and the advantages you can benefit from.

End-to-end marketing process

The rapid rise of the internet, social media and mobile has radically changed our lives and also our media consumption. Successful marketing needs to draw on all internally and externally available data sources in order to build a sound foundation for further action. In addition, campaigns for all relevant channels have to be provided and coordinated.

Ideally, this is managed in a continuous process where tasks and costs are assigned and displayed transparently. However, orchestrated Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is still a distant goal for many companies. But with MARMIND® it is surprisingly easy to implement, as it incorporates numerous standard third-party systems into a consistent, transparent overall process from analysis through to evaluation. Here is a brief overview of its advantages:


Planning: Break up data silos for holistic planning

Numerous products, diverse content, multimedia channels, not to mention internal and external stakeholders from various disciplines make planning marketing campaigns too complex a task for the usual offline spreadsheets and presentation slides. The resulting department-specific solutions and countless versions lead to unnecessary communication loops due to a lack of transparency, and ultimately make life difficult for everyone involved. MARMIND® seamlessly integrates existing external information systems for CRM, lead management, finance, product, CMS and tracking under one roof. Thus, all relevant data is available in one central location and builds a consistent foundation for marketing planning and budgeting.

Organization: collaborate better with effective project management

When a central marketing plan is in place, the next step is to implement the defined goals operationally. A highly fragmented media landscape also means diverse customer journeys and individualized campaigns. In MARMIND® (multi-channel) campaigns for important touchpoints can be planned along each customer journey by drag-and-drop, the chronological interaction of all campaigns can be clearly displayed. IBM Watson is also integrated into the system for automated campaign execution and publishing.

Standardization and automation also help improve internal project management. It is easy to display, review, release, store and synchronize content and digital assets via the integrated DAM solution CELUM. The communication between individual participants can be quickly managed and assigned to the respective project via MARMIND® messages. Deadlines, responsibilities and to-do lists are accessible from everywhere. So everyone involved knows what they have to do – and when.

Monitoring: react faster with real-time insights

Marketers could only evaluate the success or failure of a campaign after it ended, if not later.  Conclusions and lessons learned could only be meaningfully applied in the next campaign or even the one after. By integrating powerful tracking and analysis tools, MARMIND® can keep pace with customer behavior and the performance of campaigns and channels in real time. The 360° overview also enables you to identify hidden correlations and new opportunities, counteract quickly in the event of negative developments and make good use of positive developments without delay. Those responsible get direct insights into the ongoing campaign, including the latest data, so they can make better decisions faster.

Processes: Get everyone on board for more transparency

Above all, a successful marketing process needs transparency for everyone involved. This applies to decision-makers as much as to operative processes in the team. With MARMIND®, departments and individual participants are involved in the big picture and have access rights according to their respective roles. But also internal partners such as sales or third-party contributors such as agencies and creative freelancers can be integrated into the process. Thus, product information, content or digital assets can be presented centrally, further developed, released, archived – and being kept track of. End-to-end.


Peter Ramsenthaler

Peter Ramsenthaler

When working for a global brand back in the 90s, Peter realized that spreadsheet overload and inefficient processes were holding back the marketing team. That’s when he decided to build a martech platform that gives businesses back control and allows marketers to bring great ideas to life.