The new features in MARMIND® Premium in November

The new features in MARMIND® Premium in November

Do not miss the enhancements in MARMIND® Premium in November 2019!

  • In the cockpit, we integrated filter options and added some features to allow you a clear operation.
  • You now have an even better eye on your progress – through an individual ranking of your tasks and an insight into to-dos.
  • A new feature in your notifications shows comments on your to-dos in one click.
  • Your plan view is 6 functions richer to give you a good overall view and accurate detail views.

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  • In the cockpit, the selection of objects was simplified and optimized.
  • The cockpit view now offers the following filter options: Filter by Responsibility, Category, Strategic Goal, Status, Assessment, and Object Type.
  • In the cockpit, the line height can now be gradually increased.
  • In the cockpit, the objects are now always displayed in the order of their structure in the navigation tree.
  • In the cockpit there is a new column “Comments Details”, which allows a preview of the comments on the object.
  • In addition to total budget and total costs, the cockpit now allows you to select further details as columns: budget per year, costs per year, costs per quarter and costs per month.

Progress (pop-up in the cockpit and detail page of objects)

  • The tasks in the progress can now be individually ranked using drag & drop.
  • The to-dos of an object are now displayed in the progress in the details and in the cockpit. The to-dos are grouped by status and details such as due date, responsibility, and category are displayed. In addition, the individual to-dos can be opened directly with one click.
  • In addition, a progress summary of these to dos is displayed in the progress – so you can see at a glance how many to-dos are still open on the object and how many have already been completed.


  • If a user is mentioned by @mention in a comment on a to-do, the link in the notification will not only open the to-do, but also automatically the comment concerned.


  • The plan view now shows by default the current date on the left, instead of like previously in the middle, in order to present you with a larger time period into the future as well as into the past when you open the view.
  • In addition to the quick function “today”, the plan view offers you further options, such as next month, next quarter, etc. to switch by click to a desired time. Furthermore you can now enter a desired date in the function and switch to it by clicking on it. The selected date remains saved as a quick function until you finally leave the plan view (logout, reload).
  • Release dates of campaigns, projects and actions are indicated in the plan by colored triangles (color indicates the status) and are therefore visible at a glance.
  • The plan view (in standard grouping) with the to-dos displayed will now show you the start date next to the due date per todo on the left in the directory tree.
  • In the grouping Standard – to-dos compact, you will now be shown the start and due date directly in the mouseover of the to-do bars in the plan.
  • The PDF print of the plan has been optimized.


Good luck with the new MARMIND® version,
Your MARMIND® team