The new features in MARMIND® Premium in August

The new features in MARMIND® Premium in August

Do not miss the enhancements in MARMIND® Premium in August 2019!

  • In the cockpit we have 2 new features for you. This allows you to optimally combine your strategic planning with operational implementation.
  • With the new admin page, you can conveniently and clearly manage all marketing activities.
  • The bookmarks are 3 functions richer. They allow a more flexible and faster work.
  • You can now give external users / guests easy access to selected areas.
  • Release dates of your activities are visible in the plan at a glance.

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  • The notification box has been enhanced and optimized for ease of use.
  • The new detailpage “Admin”makes it easier to organize, move, copy, etc. your campaigns, projects, and actions – and therefore makes it easy to manage all your marketing across the board.

Start page

  • You can make the start page even more clear with new bookmarks.


  • The handling of bookmarks (save, overwrite etc.) has been optimized.
  • The list of saved bookmarks can now be pinned open for faster handling.
  • Share newly created bookmarks with selected MARMIND® users:
    • Activate the “share team” function when creating or editing a bookmark
    • Select individual users or “All in team” or “All guests” to share the bookmark with selected people
    • These users will get direct access to your bookmark (in the list of bookmarks as well as on the start page, if the option has been activated)


  • In the cockpit, the details of the campaign, project or action can now be opened as a pop-up via the progress popup.
  • Comments and statuses of campaigns, projects and actions can be displayed as separate columns.


  • Release dates of campaigns, projects and actions are indicated in the plan by colored triangles (color indicates the status) and are therefore visible at a glance.

Visibility for guests

  • The visibility of to-dos, messages, and assets has been enhanced with the dynamic “All guests” feature:
    • Optionally, select this feature in the “Visible to” field
    • In addition, the access rights for all to-dos and assets can be controlled dynamically afterwards (messages remain unchanged)
    • Just add new users with guest role to the parent marketing object’s team (workspace, campaign, or action) or remove “guests” from the team. The access rights of all associated to-dos and assets are adjusted dynamically.

Good luck with the new MARMIND® version,
Your MARMIND® team