The new features in MARMIND® Premium in April

The new features in MARMIND® Premium in April

If you weren’t expecting any product updates from us in the near future, you were wrong. Just because we are working from home doesn’t mean we don’t have a whole bunch of new features in MARMIND® Premium waiting for you. We are here to make sure you and your marketing team get through these challenging times.

Here’s a quick overview of the most important updates before we walk you through everything that is new:

  • In the cockpit, we expanded some of the columns to include the “All levels” function.
  • The new “Status” grouping option in the plan gives you an even better view of the status of your marketing activities.
  • Numerous design improvements and additional information provide you with a good overview, making it easier to use the plan.
  • The priority of the to-dos can now be highlighted in color.

Ready to dive into the details?

Start page

  • On the start page, the area with the bookmarks that were shared but not favored by the team can now be closed/collapsed with a click to get a better overview.


  • In the cockpit, the option to show objects belonging to any of the lower levels was added. The following columns have been added: “Milestones – all levels”, “Remaining days milestones – all levels”, “Remaining to-dos – all levels” and “To-do overview – all levels”.


  • There is a new grouping option called “Status” in the plan – all actions are grouped according to their status.
  • The plan view now offers the option to also drag and drop campaign bars.
  • If changes are made to several objects in the plan at the same time (e.g. highlighting & moving several actions), a pop-up message now appears to confirm whether these changes should be made or not. This is to prevent users to make any unintentional changes to marketing objects.
  • The plan now allows you to show object names in the bars – when enabled, the object names are also written out for short bars.
  • In the standard grouping in the plan, the hierarchical structure of the objects is now better visualized by clearer indentation of the sublevels.
  • The bar mouse-over now features additional information and a new design.
  • The comment icon in the bars in the plan is now only shown via mouse-over or if there are already comments on this object.
  • In the plan, when the to-dos are shown, the initials of the person responsible for the to-do are set as an avatar (if there is no image).
  • In the plan, the picture or initials of the person responsible for the to-do are now shown directly in the to-do bar when the to-dos are shown (provided the length of the bar is sufficient).
  • When selecting a grouping (e.g. by action type), the higher-level group “work areas and campaigns” is no longer automatically shown as the first group but can be shown or hidden using a switch if required.


  • It is now possible to highlight the priority of to-dos in color. This applies to the board view and to viewing to-dos in the plan.
  • The grouping by priority in the to-do list has been adjusted – high-priority to-dos are now shown first, followed by medium and low-priority to-dos.

Budget & costs

  • If a no-cost element is defined, there is no difference in “Budget & Costs” in the two view variants “Overview” and “Details”. This is now indicated by mouse-over text when you select the detailed view.

We hope you enjoy the new MARMIND® version,

Your MARMIND® Team