The new features in March

The new features in March

What’s new in the latest version of MARMIND?
In summary, the following areas have been improved or extended for you:

  • General
  • Roles & Rights
  • To-do lists
  • To-do identification number
  • Plan

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  • Two-way authentication: It is now possible to activate a two-factor authentication. Please contact us if you are interested.
  • The start screen and “getting started” have been updated.
  • Change into another network directly in the black header.
  • The new cockpit view provides insight into selected campaigns. The cockpit enables the connection of strategic planning with operational implementation.

Roles & Rights

  • The guest role has been expanded to include optional rights. Guests will now be enabled to the visibility of To-Dos, Messages and Media Assets. Users with guest status can now see details in objects (workspaces, campaigns, and projects) but can not edit them.

To-do lists

  • The to-do list can now be grouped according to different criteria.
  • The mouse-over information in the To-do list has been improved / detailed.
  • Within a To-dos subtasks can be created for the structure. Each subtask can be marked as open or done. The sorting of the to-dos now takes place automatically after the due date
  • Improvement of filtering “Delegate” and “Responsible”
  • Display of to-do status
  • Several to-dos can now be marked and moved (also between groupings). The start or due date is automatically adjusted.
  • Several To-dos can be moved at once
  • To-dos can now be moved to other higher-level objects via the navigation tree
  • In the to-do list, new to-dos can now be created directly in the grouping header of the list.
  • In the administration, the order of the category for to-do lists can be specified. The grouped display of the to-do list is displayed in this order.
  • It is now possible to change the category of a to-dos within the list.
  • The long-track ad in the to-do list has been improved.
  • The order of the categories (grouped view) can be defined in the administration.
  • Responsible person can be changed directly in the list (via Avatar)
  • Via “Next steps” the person in charge of all selected to-dos can be changed

To-do identification number

  • Possibility to work with numeric ID for to-do s. Activation in the settings (To-do’s settings)


  • The bar height becomes lower at a sizing level over 1 year, so more is shown on the plan.
  • You can use “Shortcuts” for the plan:
    • # Shift + Mousrad = zoom
    • # Alt + Mousrad = horizontal scrolling
    • # SHIFT+ selection = zoom to the selected area
  • When setting plan bookmarks for the star page, the set settings for displaying the campaign group (shown or hidden) as well as the display of to-dos (faded in or out) are now also applied to the bookmark.
  • The display of the tiles on the plan has been optimized.

Enjoy the new version of MARMIND.