The new features in MARMIND Premium in June

The new features in MARMIND Premium in June

What’s new in the latest version of MARMIND Premium?
In summary, the following areas have been improved or extended for you:

  • The improved cockpit allows an optimal connection between strategic planning and operational implementation.
  • Due to usability and performance improvements in the to-do management, it’s now simpler to organize your activities, and the new function of the subtasks further improves detailed planning.
  • The new feature of the @mentions makes working and coordinating in the team even easier.

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  • New security feature “2 Factor Authentification” has been added – please give notice if you want to use this feature.
  • Various improvements to the bookmarks to ensure a simple, efficient handling of MARMIND.The cockpit has been expanded and optimized.
  • Application-wide performance improvements (especially in the to-do list) have been implemented.


  • Individually customized cockpit views can now be saved directly as bookmarks.
  • The individually customizable cockpit can now be opened as PDF, saved and printed.
  • The order of the objects can now be changed in the cockpit.
  • The column height of the objects in the cockpit can now be increased to see more content.
  • In the cockpit view you can now open a pop-up with all details (progress, to-dos, comments, etc.) for each object.
  • The progress of an object can now be tracked via the cockpit and the detail view of an object.
  • In the cockpit there is now the new option of radar view. Due to the individual selection of objects, grouping options by category and classification by tags, a clear presentation in the form of a semicircle / circle is possible.

To-do Management

  • Various usability improvements in the to-do list.
  • The number of to-dos in a group are now displayed directly next to the group name.
  • The individually defined action types (in the settings) are now displayed individually in the grouping according to action types.
  • There is now the possibility to move one or more selected to-dos with one click to the top or bottom of the list.
  • New to-dos are now marked with a red dot in the board view.
  • If a shift of one or more to-dos changes the start date or due date, the user will be notified in advance and may agree or cancel the change.
  • If the status “problem” is assigned to a to-do, the status of the to-do is highlighted in red to emphasize the importance!
  • New function “subtasks”: For each to-do, one or more subtasks can now be added to allow an even more detailed organization.


  • The plan has now the option to show the descriptions of the objects.


  • New function “@mention”: With the new feature @mention, the entire team or individual team members can be mentioned in messages, replies in messages, comments on to-dos, comments on objects and comments on media assets. The mentioned person receives a notification in Important & new, in the mindbox and/or via email (configurable in the setting mode).
    With the filter option “Mention”, users can see all the to-dos, messages, etc. they are mentioned in at a glance.

Enjoy the new version of MARMIND,