Features overview

Cross-Channel Campaigns

A central and interactive marketing plan

Your marketing plan is dynamic – as dynamic as your business. Use MARMIND’s marketing plan to respond flexibly to market requirements and to adapt actions, to-dos and timelines.

The marketing plan is the tool to operationalize your marketing strategy. Plan your multi-channel campaigns with MARMIND to always stay on top of workflows, responsibilities, costs and results.

Detailed views of planned actions

Deep dive – with the MARMIND marketing plan you can immerse yourself in the detailed view of every on- and offline action and track things like responsibilities, to-dos, status, target groups, costs and goals.

Use MARMIND to integrate content or media assets of individual actions with your marketing plan. Track content and publications of all online and offline channels with the weekly view.

Goal setting and tracking with KPIs

Track results in real time. With MARMIND, you define relevant key indicators and track the results per campaign and action in real time. See what works and make your success not only measurable but also visible.


You want flexible AND standardized solutions? – MARMIND offers you the possibility to define templates through checklists for your workflows. The result: integrated processes and defined communication channels from departments to corporate groups. Your advantage – flexible response times to benefit your customers.

User management

You work in a team and with external partners? – In MARMIND you can assign users different roles and permissions – within a campaign or a specified area. You can easily add external partners or service providers to your network via e-mail. And best of all – keep your (IT) independence with the central administration in MARMIND.

With MARMIND you are always up to date – thanks to automated notifications, reminders or report functions that can be standardized or customized according to topics or roles.

Definition of milestones and important tasks ("critical path")

Your priorities collide regularly with those of your colleagues? – With MARMIND, you define milestones and a critical path to implement projects with minimal conflict and on time.

Integration with e-mail and social media channels

Are you the password manager for e-mail accounts and various social media channels? – MARMIND will make your life easier. Manage and edit newsletter or e-mail broadcasts as well as social media channels in one platform and directly evaluate their success in MARMIND.

Export data to Excel, PDF, Word

Flexible output formats – you can export data from MARMIND to multiple formats (Excel, PDF, Word).

Content & Media Assets

Central storage of content and media assets

Good bye data silos: MARMIND gets rid of the confusing jungle of versioning and multiple filing systems. Content & Media assets can be stored centrally in MARMIND for campaigns or promotions. Search, list and preview functions help you easily find data.

Share content & media assets with the team

When ideas become reality. You have a new design for the next campaign or a video that will inspire you and your team? – Share it with others! With MARMIND you upload the asset, choose who has access, add tags or mark it as favorite. Your colleagues can add feedback via the comment or annotation functions.

Release processes and correction workflows

Iterate and go live! Your idea has matured through many iterations and correction workflows. – With MARMIND, correction notes, processing steps, and the entire life cycle of a media asset is documented. With one click, start corrections and approvals, then progress is tracked in real time. You work with external agencies? – Easily e-

Notifications when image rights expire

Never miss a deadline! MARMIND reminds you of expiring image rights so that you can renew them on time.

Connection to DAM and PIM systems

Already integrated DAM and PIM systems as part of your corporate strategy? – Use the connection to continue to work with the usual systems and extend them with the functionalities of MARMIND.

Budget & Costs

Planning of budget & costs

Access Controlling data. Gain control of the Excel calculation jungle and access the same data as Controlling. – With MARMIND you can plan your marketing budget as a team and manage your costs in one central tool. Through imported actual costs and notifications of budget overruns, you have real-time visibility and control of your

Action-specific allocation of budgets & costs

Everything ok? – MARMIND compares costs to results for campaigns or individual actions. See at a glance which actions were the most successful and optimize future investments.

Assignment of cost centers, cost types and currency

MARMIND allows you to plan and organize your budget by type of cost and cost center – for your currency.

Verification and release processes based on hierarchies

Top-down or bottom-up? – With MARMIND, multilevel data entry and approval processes become transparent. Automatically start the release workflow and track process steps or status at the touch of a button.

Automated e-mail reports

Back and forth with the CFO. Budget and forecast data are requested and the CFO assigns the task to you? – You are ready: With MARMIND, you instantly receive reports on actual and planned costs, as well as automated calculations of the remaining budget across cost centers and countries.

Project Management with Team & Partners

"Global teamwork"

Believe in us! Implement the sharing economy in your company. With MARMIND, data and information are shared across sites and departments. Working together on a networked customer journey is the goal.

Assignment of responsibilities

Keep Track. Define clear responsibilities in the team for campaigns and individual actions. With MARMIND you keep track – who does what and when is not left to chance.

Integrated to-do management

Get it done. Delegate or organize tasks using shared to-do lists and track progress. In the MARMIND marketing plan you can see responsibility, status and due date of to-dos per campaign or action at a glance.

Qualification / categorization of leads

Generate leads. Use MARMIND to coordinate marketing and sales. Categorize existing leads based on different criteria to define next steps for aquisition or direct marketing. If a lead is not yet categorized as mature, save it and update it later.

Composing and sending messages

What’s new? – With MARMIND Messages you can easily communicate in a team and with external partners. Your messages are stored in the project area (campaign or action). Determine who you want the message to be visible for, highlight your favorites, or tag the message by topic. This keeps you and your business network

Reminder function by e-mail

Automatic reminders. You want to be reminded of important dates, to-dos or deadlines? – MARMIND allows you to customize settings and alerts you to via email.

Integration of e-mails incl. attachments

You would like to send e-mails directly to MARMIND? – No problem. Forward the desired e-mail including attachment to MARMIND. The message is then stored centrally in the project area and the attachment is saved in the asset pool.

Standardize and optimize processes

Workflow Management

Get connected. – With MARMIND you work in a networked team and everyone knows who does what and when. Stay on top of dates in a central marketing plan and track the project progress via the status of actions and to-dos.

Customizable cockpit

Toward success. Your MARMIND cockpit distills the most important and meaningful key indicators. It integrates only the relevant numbers to maintain perspective and make fact-based decisions to achieve your goals.

Definition of marketing instruments (product, price, promotion, place)

Define the right marketing mix. Structure your marketing mix with MARMIND and turn theoretical strategies into real marketing campaigns and targeted campaigns.

Central data management in the project context

Content first. Manage digital information – text, images, videos – directly in the campaign context with easy access to the last and current version.

Integration of ERP and CRM systems

Curious which marketing measures have an effect on your prospects? – MARMIND integrates existing CRM and ERP systems. That way, you can keep track of the status of your leads and optimally adapt actions to the touchpoints of your integrated contacts. Or you can directly link budgeting and cost data from Controlling with your marketing department.

Assignment of roles & rights

Assign roles and permissions. – Use MARMIND to flexibly map your organizational structures and assign roles and permissions at the campaign and action levels. The assigned attributes are inherited top-down and therefore do not have to be redefined at every level.

Global search function

Sort. Filter. Find. You cannot remember the context in which a certain subject was used and filed? – The global search feature makes it easy to find media assets or documents using predefined filters.

Cost & Optimization

Cost overview from departments to the entire company

How much does your idea cost? – With MARMIND you can compare costs with results. Relevant key figures are evaluated per campaign, action, or target group across all channels. Keep an overview of all performance data in real time and control your investments in a targeted manner.

Clarity about marketing ROI

The Holy Grail. Have you already established a relationship with your target group or are you still looking for the relevant touchpoints? – With MARMIND you can measure the success of your online and offline actions and calculate the ROI of cross-channel campaigns.

Automated forecast

Know what’s going down. Sales forecasts are automatically calculated with MARMIND on the basis of planned actions and data from the previous year. Trends are predicted – with MARMIND, you follow the success of planned measures and take action early if you need to make corrections.

Automated calculation of residual budgets

Let’s talk about money. With MARMIND, your budget is under control – residual budgets are calculated automatically and notifications e.g. for budget overruns can be sent as reports by e-mail depending on roles & permissions.

Top-down and bottom-up

Integrate budget planning and operations. Include all people with budget, cost and earnings responsibilities in budget planning and combine top-down plans with bottom-up details. MARMIND supports you in the coordination, evaluation and consolidation.

Cross-departmental coordination of costs

Teamwork instead of chaos. With MARMIND, marketing teams of all sizes work together – without distributed Excel spreadsheets. Budgets and costs can be planned and managed per campaign or action and assigned to defined cost centers.

Performance & Control

Campaign control at a glance

Create the future. MARMIND gives you a 360° view of your marketing. Your personal cockpit presents customizable key indicators measuring campaign performance, risks or problems, information about budget & costs, your open to-dos and notifications. Benefit from MARMIND by making fast and well-grounded decisions and by

Leading with benchmarks and alerts

Success maker. You rely on benchmarking in terms of “best practices” and would like to be able to react strategically and structurally flexible to market demands? – With MARMIND you control your goals with benchmarks linked to automated alerts, and an early warning system for systematic or trend deviations in your campaigns.

Dashboard display of KPIs

What matters. Define key indicators per campaign and action, such as reach or interactions that indicate progress towards your goal. The performance of all online and offline measures can be visualized in the dashboard and shared by e-mail.

Results per campaign, channel, audience

All in One. All channels, one platform. The advantage – MARMIND enables the central processing of planning and organizational processes in a team. It also supports the monitoring of key indicators per campaign, channel or target group. You would like to compare indicators for actions across time? – With MARMIND, you can index

Combining success indicators with costs

Compare costs per lead. MARMIND helps you to strengthen or optimize the effectiveness of your strategy. Budget and costs are compared to the success indicators of your marketing efforts. This allows you to break down the results of your cross-channel campaigns to individual channels, and calculate the cost per lead.

Actual target comparison of key indicators

Identify potential. With MARMIND you can analyze target / actual comparisons of relevant key indicators for campaigns and actions. As a result, the need for optimization or the potential of individual measures can be derived.

Social media monitoring

Compare social media impacts. Connect various social media channels directly with MARMIND. This allows you to plan and manage the content of all channels centrally in one platform. The respective success indicators are automatically recorded in MARMIND.

Website monitoring (Google Analytics)

Track website impacts. MARMIND helps you stay up to date with the impact of your landing pages through the integration of Google Analytics. Without any configuration effort, you can track page views and registrations. In addition, you will receive an automated notification of new registrations.


Central data hub

MARMIND Flow integrates existing services and applications into an ecosystem – so you can centrally access all the information and data you need. All information summarized in a cockpit allows the user to control or optimize the entire marketing process

Future-proof architecture

With MARMIND Flow you react to changing business requirements – the existing ecosystem of software solutions can be extended or supplemented as desired. Your company is ready for a digital future!

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