Building blocks for integrated workflows Everyone starts small. But with the right tools and ideas you can make it big. MARMIND is so easy to use that you can get started right away – and so powerful that enterprises are working with it globally.


Planning, coordination and evaluation of your entire marketing

Ideal for start-ups and small marketing teams
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Suitable for companies with the need for customization
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Planning – with overview and cost transparency

Plan and manage all your cross-channel marketing including budget and media assets in one centralized plan.

Planning cross-channel marketing campaigns

You use online channels to communicate, but also want to centrally manage and plan your events and offline channels? The intuitive marketing plan enables the planning and management of all your cross-channel marketing – if needed, including budgets and costs. Connect your planning with results from social media channels, as well as offline channels, such as events.

Cross channel planning combined with results and costs – in real-time

Manage budget & costs – in coordination with the finance department

With MARMIND, you can plan costs bottom-up based on planned actions. Distinguish different cost structures, such as costs for advertising or trade fairs, or ongoing service fees from agencies, etc. Compare your costs with your budget and automatically send role-specific reports by email.

Spreadsheet-free budgeting and cost management – integrated into your marketing

Integrate media assets into the plan

With MARMIND you integrate the digital content for your marketing actions directly into your planning. Whether it’s coordination with the agency or simple correction & approval processes – create your media plan and track the publication of all actions in a clear weekly view.

Your data and digital content are connected in real time in a central plan

Coordination – teamwork with clear responsibilities

Implement your marketing activities within the team and across your business network.

Project management in a team & with business partners

You can get far by yourself. Yet, with a well-coordinated team where everyone‘s responsibilities are clear, the sky is the limit. Create to-dos, send messages, or share media assets in your team or with partners and suppliers. The intuitive teamwork functionality lets you easily allocate tasks across the team, company or even business network.

Easy collaboration within the team and across your business network

Coordinate marketing centrally & manage locally

With MARMIND you can create any organizational structure. Whether you plan your marketing centrally and implement it locally or organize your activities according to organizational units, products or target groups. MARMIND gives you the freedom to organize marketing to suit your needs and manage campaigns, costs and responsibilities individually.

Manage campaigns, media assets and contacts in a central online platform

Optimal coordination between marketing & sales

Although companies usually manage marketing and sales separately, for customers it‘s all the same. MARMIND integrates and automates your marketing and sales workflows. This allows you to manage the entire customer journey in one system. Thus the impact of your marketing on sales becomes transparent and measurable.
Sales contains more than CRM: With one click, you can access all interactions with customers from their first visit onwards.

Mapping the customer journey and passing on qualified leads to sales

Monitoring – better investment decisions

Improve your marketing performance by investing in the most successful activities and channels.

Set goals & implement marketing strategy

With MARMIND, you can successfully implement your marketing strategy. Plan your marketing campaign with budgets, costs and goals. Identify your key KPIs and track results on a per-action basis and across all your marketing campaigns.

Define marketing strategy & KPIs and pursue your goals

Evaluate the performance and costs of your campaigns

MARMIND shows you the results of each of your campaigns in real time and supports your ROI calculation.
Get an overview of how many leads were generated through marketing and how much was invested. MARMIND is integrated with the most popular social media apps and services. Together with our partner, we also offer an extensive marketing connector library.

Simple and clear evaluation of the key figures of your campaigns

Know what works & keep optimizing your investments

With MARMIND you see which marketing activities work and which don’t. MARMIND directly compares results with costs. This supports your future decisions about which activities and channels to invest in.

Continually optimize results & costs for better marketing investments

Integration – for continuous processes

MARMIND integrates into your system landscape and can control the entire marketing process

Integration into your system landscape
Control of all marketing workflows
Monitor your marketing with KPIs per process

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