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General questions

Is MARMIND extendable?

Yes, especially the MARMIND Enterprise product is very flexible and can be customized for your needs. The company behind the product MARMIND is UPPER Network. UPPER Network has been a successful international provider of software technologies with headquarters in Germany for over 19 years. We have a variety of partnerships and are, e.g., Microsoft® gold partner.

In which languages is MARMIND available?

MARMIND is available in german and english. Every user can select the language individually in the profile.

Which browsers does MARMIND support?

MARMIND supports all major browsers in the current version.

Does MARMIND work on tablets?

We support modern tablets with current browsers.

Where is the data stored and how safe is it?

Your data is stored on the Microsoft Azure ® Germany cloud platform managed and controlled by the data trustee T-Systems International GmbH. Microsoft Azure® is one of the largest certified cloud platforms (ISO 27001) in the world. Microsoft guarantees the highest possible availability for secure, stable operation.

Is there an On-Premises version of MARMIND?

Yes! In addition to our strong, secure cloud-based platform, you can also run the MARMIND Enterprise version in your own infrastructure.

Can I upload large files e.g. images and videos?

Yes, in MARMIND you can also manage large images and video files up to 5 GB, streaming included.

Forgot password, what now?

On the login page below the password input field you find the “Forgot your password?”-button. After entering your email address you will receive an email with a link, through which you can assign a new password.

Where in MARMIND can I change my password or email address?

Click MARMIND on the top right of your name, select your user profile. Here you have the option to change your password and email address.

Are there private workspaces that can be viewed only by specific persons?

Yes, MARMIND has the ability to provide private workspaces for specific people.

Can I submit data from MARMIND (e.g. as agency) to several customers separately?

Yes, you have the flexibility to manage data and information separately per lead or customer in MARMIND.

Does MARMIND have an API?

Yes, MARMIND has an extensive API, which we will gladly make available. Please contact us and include your name, company and objective of the integration, we will contact you immediately. A brief introduction can be found under „Services – API“.

Frequently asked pricing questions

(For Enterprise customers, there may be different agreements)

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

For MARMIND GO! and Premium, there is no long-term contractual bond – you pay only as long as you use MARMIND and you can terminate your subscription at any time with a 30-day notice period. MARMND Enterprise has a notice period of 12 months.

What is a member?

Persons who have been added to your MARMIND network.

Does everyone in my network have to buy a MARMIND subscription as well?

No! You can buy a MARMIND subscription and any person can then be invited to join. Each person has their own username and password. Also, these persons have no other obligations e.g. they do not need to pay.

What if I need more contacts?

A contact is someone listed in your contact database. It was either imported by you or was created manually or automatically in MARMIND (e.g. automatically by registering a person through a landing page form). If you want to increase the total number of contacts, you can always upgrade your MARMIND subscription to either 25,000 or 50,000 contacts (MARMIND settings).

Is there an On-Premises version of MARMIND?

Yes! In addition to our strong, secure cloud-based platform, you can also run the MARMIND Enterprise version in your own infrastructure

What is the refund policy?

The membership for MARMIND variants hosted centrally by UPPER Network may be terminated on a thirty (30) days’ notice. A notice period of 12 months applies to all MARMNID Enterprise or to locally hosted MARMIND installations.

Cloud Hosting Information

MARMIND is hosted in one of the safest data centers in Germany (data centers of Microsoft Azure Germany). T-Systems International GmbH, headquartered in Germany, is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, controls the access to all your data in the Azure Germany datacenters.

3 Reasons for Azure Germany

Cloud computing built for Germany and EU/EFTA

Azure Germany is an isolated Azure instance in Germany, independent from public clouds.
Learn more:

  • All your data and related hardware reside in Germany.
  • Geo-replication between datacenters in Germany supports business continuity.
  • Secured datacenters provide 24×7 monitoring.

Strict data access and control measures

An independent data trustee controls access to all your data in the Azure Germany datacenters. T-Systems International GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom and an experienced, well-respected IT provider incorporated in Germany, serves as trustee, protecting disclosure of data to third parties except as you direct or as required by German law. Even Microsoft does not have access to your data or the datacenters without approval from and supervision by the German data trustee.

Compliance you can trust

Azure Germany has an ongoing commitment to maintaining the strictest data protection measures, so we can store and manage your data in compliance with applicable German laws and regulations, as well as key international standards. Additional compliance standards and controls that address the unique role of the German data trustee will be audited over time.

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