Now available at the CELUM Marketplace: 4 ways to optimise your marketing processes with MARMIND® Connect

Now available at the CELUM Marketplace: 4 ways to optimise your marketing processes with MARMIND® Connect

As a platform for digital asset management and content management, CELUM enables the centralized creation, management, distribution and monetization of content. The CELUM Marketplace also allows customers to add specific functions to their system to integrate seamlessly with third-party solutions. With MARMIND® Connect, a connector for MARMIND® is now available in the Marketplace for the first time. Upgrade your Digital Asset and Content Management with comprehensive Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) that seamlessly integrates CELUM media assets into a central marketing plan. And that’s just for starters …

CELUM Partners Day, Cologne 2019

For over 20 years, CELUM has been setting standards in content management – the perfect complement to the Enterprise Marketing solution from MARMIND®. Integrated digital marketing processes for planning, controlling, collaborating and monitoring campaigns integrate seamlessly with CELUM’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) via MARMIND® Connect and deliver a complete package of efficient marketing planning and collaboration, combined with optimal organization and content delivery. The MARMIND® Connector is now available for the first time in the CELUM Marketplace and supports your marketing, with four main focus points:

  1. Multichannel marketing planning: Keep track of the details and the bigger picture

The complex world of multichannel marketing can be easily surveyed and understood using the MARMIND® Connector. Maintain an overview of marketing structures within teams, including their roles and rights, as well as all relevant stakeholders across the teams. Individual campaigns, action plans and actions can also be viewed in detail.

Images, videos, documents and other media assets from CELUM can be integrated directly into the MARMIND® campaign planning process via MARMIND® Connect. It enables you to manage data centrally as well as in a campaign context – from the initial idea to its development and revision to the final version. Various search, list and preview functions make collaborating even easier.

  1. Revision process: step by step to a final version

The path from idea to finished digital asset, be it pictures, texts or videos, is one of many steps. Internal and external creatives, input, feedback and workflows from multiple stakeholders in marketing, sales and other relevant departments need to be coordinated, tracked and managed.

Integrating CELUM into MARMIND® enables easy handling and complete documentation of these correction processes throughout the entire content lifecycle. Individual steps can be tracked in real time up to the final version. Directly importing and exporting CELUM Media Assets and metadata stored in MARMIND® ensures a seamless transfer of data such as licenses, validity, buyouts, product information, purpose, product, etc.

  1. Approval process: all under control

Goodbye, inefficient bottlenecks during approval processes. MARMIND® Connect allows you to define and model multi-level, sequential or parallel approval processes as required. Deadlines and lead times (eg 5 working days for correction and approval) can be specified, while the system automatically handles notifications or escalations. This ensures that the release processes of digital assets and everyone’s respective responsibilities remain clear, transparent and consistent.

Once the final version has been agreed on and released among the team members, content can be linked with the necessary metadata for purpose, licenses, rights, etc. and exported directly into the CELUM DAM database, while being synchronized on both systems.

  1. Collaboration: seamless workflow with everyone involved

Successful digital asset management and marketing resource management combine many talents and the best minds – those of your team and also external partners. The MARMIND® Connector for CELUM makes collaboration easier for everyone. Streamlined coordination and approval processes with clear tasks and responsibilities, but also easily defined workflow groups and functions allow for faster, more direct collaboration.

Looking for feedback for a new creative, the next campaign or want to share an inspiring video? Use MARMIND® Connect to upload, determine access rights and add tags as well as metadata directly from CELUM. Continue to develop the idea using the comment or annotation functions; each step will be synchronized and documented.

You can also share media assets with agencies or add external partners to selected parts of your marketing planning. Direct collaboration features and automatic notifications and reminders save time and keep track of your media asset’s status – from content creation to approval and communication.


Revise and approve efficiently – with automatic notifications and reminders for all relevant team members involved.

Stay up to date –  Share media assets in your group as well as in CELUM and MARMIND® as required.

Bring external partners on board – grant rights and access for specific tasks and workflows, allowing seamless collaboration.

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