The new features in May

The new features in May

What’s new in the latest version of MARMIND?
The following areas have been improved for you:

  • Plan/Calendar View
  • Workspaces/Campaigns
  • Marketing Actions
  • Directory Tree
  • Cockpit
  • Dashboard
  • In-App Help
  • Miscellaneous

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Plan/Calendar View:

  • Plan view now also gives you the option to view details about workspaces, campaigns, and actions in a pop-up directly within the calendar view
  • Now you can edit all details directly in the plan without having to change to the respective detail pages
  • By clicking on “Results” or “Costs” you can also directly access the “Budget & Cost” view or the campaign dashboard pre-filtered to the data of the selected workspace or campaign
  • The Calendar view provides you with a redesigned “next step” menu for workspaces, campaigns, and actions to invoke various detailing or new features
  • Open the menu by clicking on the “+” next to the respective object name
  • In addition, the calendar view now also offers the option of displaying to dos on workspaces, campaigns and actions in the calendar view
  • You can activate this display via the fade-in option (left in the object tree of the plan – directly at the respective object name)
  • The to-do option is only displayed if there are also to-dos in this area
  • By clicking on a to-do you can also open and edit the to-do details as a pop-up
  • TIP: If the time bars of the to-dos are displayed very small, please decrease the displayed time span via “+” in the “zoom function” (bottom right in the plan)


  • The detail page of the workspaces and campaigns has been redesigned
  • Choose additional details, such as validity, target groups, goals, costs, KPIs, milestones and team now directly over “selection tabs” at the bottom of the detail page
  • The new design was chosen to implement another highlight – The display of the detail page as a “popup” directly in the plan view (by clicking on the name of an object)
  • The design of the “popup” and the “detail page” is therefore identical, to support ease of use

Marketing Actions:

  • The details page of the marketing actions has been redesigned too
  • Choose additional details, such as validity, target groups, contacts, landing page, goals, costs, KPIs, supplier/medium and team directly via “selection tabs” at the bottom of the detail page
  • The content selection for actions with connector to external data (for example Facebook, YouTube, etc.) has also been integrated into this section
  • The new design was chosen to be able to also open the action details as a “popup” in the plan view (by clicking on the name of the marketing action)
  • The design of the “popup” and the “detail page” is therefore identical to support ease of use

Directory Tree:

  • The display of marketing structures in the tree has been redesigned
  • At the same time, the “next steps” menu has been extended to include further options, e.g. to add target, budget, target groups or further details to existing workspaces, campaigns and marketing actions


  • The list of predefined gadgets (hyperlinks) has been expanded
  • Select from a wide range of gadgets for planning, coordination and monitoring by clicking in order to save and use them directly in your cockpit


  • The selection of KPIs has been extended by new metrics for budget & costs
  • You can also select and evaluate the new KPIs (e.g. “Overview Budget”) per campaign or marketing action
  • Or try out the new selection of online channel KPIs, e.g. to evaluate the reach or engagement rate specifically for online channels
  • In addition, the list has been extended to include new KPIs for campaigns (under “Results from A to Z”)

In-App Help:

  • The in-app help has also been enhanced for the plan, dashboard and additional views
  • You can insert the help texts simply by clicking on “?” In the upper right corner of MARMIND to get further information and tips on the new functions in the respective context


  • The release also included more performance enhancements, minor bug fixes, and design updates

Enjoy the new version of MARMIND.