The new features in June

The new features in June

What’s new in the latest version of MARMIND?
The following areas have been improved for you:

  • Plan/Calendar View
  • Workspace/Campaign/Marketing Action
  • Directory Tree
  • Social Media Dashboard
  • Dashboard
  • Miscellaneous

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Plan/Calendar view:

  • The plan view has been extended with new functions
  • The most important change is the integration of the 3 calendar options into one universal view
  • Now it is easier to answer different questions without having to change the view via the main navigation
  • Use the “zoom” function (bottom right) to select the maximum value (“+”) to switch to the ” “Key visuals preview” view which shows publications of the current week
  • Select the “MARMIND default” grouping to make your campaigns and actions equal to the order in the directory tree
  • This grouping also displays the associated to-dos related to your workspaces, campaigns, and actions directly under the marketing objects in a list
  • With the integration of the 3 views, a new list view has been implemented to easily administer your campaign structures
  • Open this view directly from the main navigation (icon to the right of “Plan”), e.g. to move actions or campaigns by drag and drop in order
  • Or mark multiple actions in this view to move, copy, or perform other “next steps” for all marked objects in one step (e.g. change responsibility)
  • At the same time, further design and performance updates were made

Workspace/Campaign/Marketing Action:

  • Following the upgrading of the new popups, the detail pages of the workspaces, campaigns, and actions in these releases received a variety of design updates and enhancements

Directory Tree:

  • The “next steps” menu in the directory tree has been enhanced to show the context-specific e-mail address for workspaces, campaigns and actions
  • Copy this address to your email client system to create new to-dos, messages or assets in the context of your marketing structure via email

Social Media Dashboard:

  • The list of social media channels with tracking option in your social media dashboard has been expanded
  • You can now choose “LinkedIn”, “Twitter” or “Instagram” too in your MARMIND settings (“Manage Channels”) and link the corresponding social media accounts with MARMIND (Premium & Enterprise version only)
  • Once the data is loaded from the channels, the key figures are available for selection in your social media dashboard
  • Track and compare even more KPIs of various social media sites and channels in a concise way in MARMIND


  • The dashboard now also offers you the option of evaluating your campaigns and actions according to self-defined KPIs assigned manually (available under “Your own goals & KPIs”)
  • The list of KPIs has also been expanded with the selection of campaign and action goals (available via “Goals – What has been achieved?”)
  • In addition, a new selection has also been created for “Current activity” KPIs, e.g. to evaluate only promotionally effective or planned actions
  • Furthermore, the selection of budget and cost key figures has been extended (e.g. exceeding of costs, remaining budget, etc.)


  • Your MARMIND cockpit also offers you further customization options
  • You can now upload a personally selected background image and optionally display it for the entire application
  • This gives MARMIND another personal touch that will make your daily work even more enjoyable


  • This time we also placed special emphasis on optimizing the performance of the plan and list views
  • At the same time, further minor bug fixes and design updates were implemented

Enjoy the new version of MARMIND.