The new features in August

The new features in August

What’s new in the latest version of MARMIND?
The following areas have been improved for you:

  • Plan/Calendar view
  • Checklists (To-dos)
  • Categories (Settings)
  • Marketing Actions
  • Social Media Channels
  • Website Dashboard
  • API (On demand)
  • Miscellaneous

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Plan/Calendar view:

  • The plan view has been technically raised to a new level
  • The performance has been increased – It is now possible to work with many elements at the same time
  • Up to 30 elements can be selected and dragged and dropped to change dates (please use the mouse to mark an area in the plan and move all selected elements in one step)
  • The “from-to” date of individual elements on the plan can be moved by drag & drop (mark the time bar at the edge and drag it by holding down the left mouse button)
  • Grouping of marketing objects is now also possible by medium/supplier
  • The color of to-dos can be displayed differently according to criteria such as status, category, priority etc. per click
  • To-dos of individual groups (e.g. channel) can be displayed per click
  • In addition it is now possible to hide the marketing objects and show only to-dos in the plan (functions can be selected on the left above the object tree via “bars” and “to-dos”)
  • By clicking “+” on any position in the plan it is possible to create new objects, e.g. marketing action, to-do, message, etc. directly in the plan
  • In the “next steps” menu of the marketing objects, there is a direct link to the dashboard and cost module via click

Checklist (To-dos):

  • The to-do checklists now also offer you the option to define milestones
  • To create a new pre-defined checklist please go to settings of your MARMIND network
  • To create a milestone just open the “edit view” (“pencil icon”) within a checklist for a to-do and activate the option “milestone”
  • This allows you to define even more sophisticated checklists for your campaigns
  • In order to be able to use this option also for marketing actions, the actions have been extended by the milestone functionality

Categories (Settings):

  • The MARMIND settings now also give you the option to assign individual categories for to-dos
  • Simply define new categories in the settings and then select them in the respective detail pages of the to-dos
  • You can also assign colors to these categories, for example to adopt your company-internal color-settings

Marketing Actions:

  • The details of the marketing actions now provide advanced links to your “Dashboard,” “Website Dashboard,” and “Social Media Dashboard” views (under “Metrics”) e.g. to compare the results with other actions
  • From now on, you can also define “milestones” (to-dos with milestone marker) for actions, which was previously only possible at the campaign level
  • Design even more sophisticated checklists and end-to-end operations down to the action level and track progress through milestones now

Social Media Channels:

  • The list of action types with data connector to external tools has been extended to include “Twitter” and “Instagram”
  • To import results for “Tweets” and “Posts” directly into your marketing planning, please connect these channels in the MARMIND settings under “Select channels”
  • Note: If you already use these channels for the evaluation of “Twitter” and “Instagram” “Accounts/Pages” in your social media dashboard, a re-connection is necessary in order to activate the import of data for individual “Tweets” and “Posts” too

Website Dashboard:

  • The MARMIND dashboard for evaluating your web pages with Google Analytics now offers an additional option to select sub-web pages
  • Evaluate e.g. targeted individual blogs, micro-sites and landing pages with this option
  • Or select sub-pages for evaluation by clicking on a page in the ranking lists of the dashboard (below the main graphic)

API (On demand):

  • For MARMIND, a new, documented API is now available
  • The interface offers the possibility to independently develop MARMIND extensions to communicate with customer-specific pre-systems (developer know-how required)
  • Via the API it is possible to e.g. to load data from external systems directly to MARMIND objects (e.g., workspaces, campaigns, actions, contacts, to-dos, message or assets) or to create new objects in MARMIND (e.g., a new to-do)
  • It is also possible to export data from MARMIND to external systems for further processing
  • If you are interested to program your own interfaces please contact us for further details at


  • The release also includes more performance enhancements, minor bug fixes, and design updates

Enjoy the new version of MARMIND.