The new features in April

The new features in April

What’s new in the latest version of MARMIND?
The following areas have been improved for you:

  • Plan/Calendar View (new)
  • Categories (new)
  • Holidays-/Important Days Calendar (new)
  • Social Media Dashboard (new)
  • To-do Checklists (new)
  • Cockip
  • Dashboard
  • Workspaces/Campaigns/Marketing Actions
  • Miscellaneous

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Plan/Calendar View (new):

  • The Plan view offers you a new calendar view
  • In addition to the “validity”, select “Channel”, “Campaign”, “Responsible” or “Category” as new grouping options to represent your marketing planning
  • The new color option makes it easy to show links and similarities in your marketing planning
  • Choose between “Status”, “Channel”, “Campaign”, “Target achievement”, “Degree of completion” or “Category” to differentiate them
  • The “next steps” option is available too for each marketing action (by clicking on the menu icon on the left of the action)
  • By clicking into the calendar view, you can also create new actions and directly change the publication date of actions using drag & drop
  • The “Zoom” option (bottom right) allows you to easily vary the displayed calendar period
  • In the MARMIND settings, you can additionally define holidays or free defined important days for your marketing planning and have these days displayed in the calendar
  • When creating new actions in the calendar, you will also be notified of these special days in case e.g. you are about to define a publishing date on one of these special days
  • This allows you to visualize your marketing measures depending on the information requirements
  • Select the usual view with project run times as “structure plan” directly via the main navigation (option 2)
  • Select the usual preview view with publications of the current week also via the main navigation under “Key Visuals”

Categories (new):

  • The MARMIND now offer you the opportunity to individually categorize your marketing activities
  • Assign these new categories for workspaces, campaigns, actions, contacts, assets and target groups (in addition to the familiar keywords)
  • Easy define new categories in the settings of your network and then select them in the respective detail pages of the campaigns, contacts, etc.
  • You can also assign colors to these categories
  • Use these colors e.g. to apply your in-house color-scheme for marketing channels and campaigns to visualize them in the calendar view
  • In addition to the classifications (for lead management), new categories can also be assigned to your contact management in order to individually classify your contacts, customer, suppliers and partners

Holidays-/Important Days Calendar (new):

  • Define important holidays or public holidays for your marketing planning in the settings of your network now
  • Additionally you can define a set of important days, e.g. the release of a new products or services, start of special promotion conditions, etc. and visualize these days in your marketing calendar
  • When creating new actions, you will be reminded of these special days e.g. to prevent a unwanted publication on a public holiday

Social Media Dashboard (new):

  • MARMIND now offers you a new, easy-to-use social media dashboard
  • Compare the most important key figures of your social media channels, which you can connect to your media accounts in the MARMIND settings (from Premium)
  • The overview enables the selection and comparison of KPIs of various social media pages and channels with a click
  • For more information on how to connect your social media channels with MARMIND, please contact us

To-do Checklists (new):

  • The MARMIND settings now also allow you to predefine checklists of To-dos and select a predefined list when creating new campaigns and actions
  • Define e.g. recurring steps for the planning or implementation of marketing actions
  • Decide whether you also want to predefine a responsible person as well or keep decisions like this open till you use the checklists in the context of your marketing planning
  • You can also set the dates in “+/- days” per To-do relative to the release date of an action
  • For example, define all the steps required to create a newsletter and select this checklist in one step, as you would usually create a single to-do
  • Save time and ensure that all necessary steps or to-do will be done


  • Your MARMIND cockpit also offers you further customization options
  • You can now upload a personally selected background image and optionally display it for the entire application
  • This gives MARMIND another personal touch that will make your daily work even more enjoyable


  • The campaign dashboard also provides new evaluation options
  • Try out the new filters for effectiveness and budget & costs analysis of ongoing campaigns and marketing channels
  • With these new analysis option the list of “Analysis” standard gadget within the “analysis” section in your cockpit has also been extended

Workspaces/Campaigns/Marketing Actions:

  • The details page of workspaces, campaigns and marketing actions now offers you more direct input options
  • Enter a goal, result, budget or costs directly in the detail page – no switch into the overview page or plan view needed
  • And also select a category, which you can now define within your network settings in MARMIND


  • General usability improvements as well as small bug fixes complete the new version

Enjoy the new version of MARMIND.