Learning from the Best: 4 More Must-Reads (not only) for Startups

Learning from the Best: 4 More Must-Reads (not only) for Startups

Part 2 of our reading list from marketing to business management. Because the annual number of business books and guides is huge, we present you books on the topics of marketing, service and corporate management, which were read by our team and found to be really worthwhile. Have fun discovering more old and new classics of business literature!

Hermann Simon
Confessions of the Pricing Man. How Price Affects Everything
Published: 2015
Hermann Simon has 40 years of experience as a consultant in Fortune 500 companies as well as a business school lecturer and is regarded worldwide as an expert in price management. In his book, he advocates a new perspective on an often neglected aspect of the marketing mix. He presents the advantages and disadvantages of various pricing models, provides insights into its psychological aspects, providing many practical examples along the way. Simon also pleads for more courage to price higher as the only truly sustainable driver of a successful business. Far more than the actual price tag, according to Simon, it is about the value that a product represents for customers.
Why we like it: An indispensable, accessible book on an often under-appreciated but crucial ingredient of any successful strategy.    

Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose:
Killing Marketing. How innovative Businesses are turning Marketing Cost into Profit
Published: 2017
Classic marketing based on traditional textbooks is broken. At least in the long run. This is the authors’ main message in a nutshell. In Killing Marketing, they explain how focusing on demographic target groups might bring short-term ROI, but that active attention and brand loyalty can only come from content that does not penetrate everyday life but becomes everyday life. According to Pulizzi and Rose, rather than geography and age, identifying shared desires, interests and attitude towards life of potential target groups leads to a long-term successful marketing strategy.
Why we like it: Marketing as a long-term investment rather than a short-term cost factor, and content marketing as a driver of growth and long-term successful customer relationships. Worth reading!

Chuck Hemann & Ken Burbary
Digital Marketing Analytics
Published: 2013
What good is big data if you are unable to translate collected data into insights? Hemann and Burbary give a deep insight into a wide range of topics. They introduce the most important tools for analysis and argue for focusing on the most important goals rather than getting bogged down in the scope of all possibilities. Furthermore, they provide practical tips for synergies between digital and offline data analysis as well as for the optimization of online and social media content.
Why we like it: Comprehensive insights on the topic of digital data analysis, which are valuable not only for beginners and students but also for experienced marketers. 

David Meerman Scott: The New Rules of Marketing & PR
Published: 2015 (First edition 2007)
Initially a collection of blog posts, Meerman Scott’s book is now in its 5th edition and has been translated into 25 languages. And with good reason. New Rules of Marketing & PR is a comprehensive work on the evolution of communication, its fundamental change through the advance of the internet and social media, and the increasingly important role of customer relationships that replace the constant push of advertising messages. The author has dealt extensively with the methodology of successful modern marketing and underpins his findings with numerous examples from successful companies.
Why we like it: A definitive work for anyone who wants to engage in direct dialogue with their target group.