Marketing in Digital Times: Marketing Resource Management

Big data, hybrid consumers, digitization, multi-channel: markets have never been as fragmented as in recent years, navigating them never as complex. Move over, reach and market share. Especially when it comes to customer communication, the much-talked-about “Lot Size One” is a challenge that is becoming increasingly real. Rather than yearning for the good old times of mass marketing, a new approach is needed – with an integrated and automated process that feeds, organizes and monitors a centralized plan drawing from a variety of systems and sources. What could such a process look like? And what support can MARMIND Marketing Resource Management (MRM) provide? More in our article.

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Why using Excel spreadsheets for marketing planning is a bad idea – especially during a crisis

Since the coronavirus outbreak, marketers everywhere have been busy revising their annual plans to adapt to the new circumstances and, more importantly, to prevent campaigns from causing a backlash. While some CMOs may think now is not the time to discuss switching to a new tool, we highlight how getting rid of spreadsheets will help marketers navigate the crisis.

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Marketing Tech Strategy: 4 Pillars of a Successful Digital Transformation

Marketing tech was the dominant topic in D-A-CH companies in 2019, as the comprehensive Marketing Tech Monitor 2019 study confirms. It comes to the sobering realization that many of these companies are still largely helpless in the face of the profound changes as a result of digital transformation, leaving the playing field mainly to agencies. It’s about time to change that. In our article, you will get a compact overview of the principles that need to be considered for a meaningful marketing tech strategy, step by step.


Social Responsibility Marketing: 4 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Making the World a Better Place

International companies such as Toms Shoes or Burt’s Bees have led by example and made social responsibility a vital part of their marketing strategy. Talking about it is key – and pays off. But beware: Social responsibility must be more than a marketing tool in order to promote real trust and brand loyalty. Here are the four most important questions you should ask yourself for successful social responsibility marketing beyond the hype.

4 Ways to More Sales and Marketing Collaboration

For some time now, the trend has been going away from the traditional sales funnel towards an integrated customer experience approach. However, sales and marketing teams still too often work alongside each other in data and information silos, the lack of communication between them causing redundancies and overlaps, stifling customer experience. In the following article, we are taking a closer look at 4 ways to intensify the collaboration between sales and marketing, from first touch to closing the deal.


Advances & Dangers of AI live from the SXSW 2018

Digital development needs rules
Perspectives, advances & dangers of AI live from the SXSW 2018
A guest article from the founder of point of origin Marketing Consulting & Consumer Intelligence GmbH
Almost all major technology companies are working on solutions for the coming “screenless” age, the moment when we do not need a tablet, phone, or other thing to do our digital business.


From Hype to Sale: 5 Tips for Content Marketing that Sells

Storytelling as the new SEO definitely was the Online Marketing Hype over the last couple of years. But becoming more and more established as a marketing instrument, it’s also under a lot more scrutiny: Is storytelling enough? Do the usual rules of return on investment apply to content marketing? Does it actually pay off? We sure think so. And offer some guidance on how content can learn to sell …