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Fast Fashion Forward: H&M’s Marketing Trends

After 70 years of doing business, H&M is hardly a newcomer to the fashion market. Nevertheless, they have managed to establish themselves as a spearhead of the industry. H&M is not only an anchor provider of new trends at a low price, so-called fast fashion; the fashion label from Sweden also aims at being a pioneer in sustainable, fair clothing. For us, this is reason enough to have a closer look at H&M’s current marketing strategy.

Media for Millennials: Vice

Success Stories
Established in 1996 as a counter cultural magazine, Vice has firmly established itself among the ranks of the most influential media platforms over the last 20 years. Their articles and video reports follow no specific political direction and are especially popular with the important target group of millennials, thus attracting potent advertising partners. While the traditional media crisis keeps raging, the Vice platform keeps growing and is now valued at 5 billion Dollars. What can marketers learn from the rise of Vice?

Fitness Marketing: 5 Tips, from Social to Digital

Marketing Success
In a traditionally competitive market such as fitness, the struggle to win new customers is immediately followed by the challenge of keeping them. Newcomers such as UK’s PureGym and their stripped down and flexible low-cost concept keeps stirring things up in an already demanding market. So, how can you still stand out? And how can you use digital marketing to your full advantage? We take a look at 5 important points for fitness marketers to consider.

Pure Gym: The Fitness Market between Polarization and Customization

Marketing Success
Pure Gym’s first low cost gym outlets opened in four big UK cities. Their concept just came at the right time to a country affected by the financial crisis: 24/7 access, modern machines, skeleton staff and, instead of a membership, flexible monthly fees. Seven years later, Pure Gym is the UK’s biggest fitness chain with 160+ studios, having taken over its biggest competitor LA Fitness in 2015. Let’s have a closer look at how Pure Gym came to success.

Listen Up: Sennheiser, a Global Family Business

Medium Sized Businesses
Owned by the Sennheiser family for 3 generations, the German company is still synonymous with cutting-edge audio systems for the premium segment. In the highly competitive headphone market, pounded by the pressures of competition and take-overs, Sennheiser faces the challenges with quality, innovation, a focus on lifestyle and the relentless “Pursuit of Perfect Sound”. What can other companies learn from them?

Marketing in China: 4 Things to Consider

International marketing
Even with news about economic growth slowing down doing the rounds every so often, China is still a market many companies dream of conquering. The path to marketing glory in China, however, leads uphill, especially for non-Chinese companies, and not only because of language or regulatory barriers. So taking into account the following 4 aspects of successful (digital) marketing is paramount when taking on the Chinese market.

Shanghai Lujiazui civic landscape of China national flags (more…)

Groupon: The Rise, Fall and the Here and Now

Stories of Failures & Triumph
At the beginning of this decade, international discount plattform Groupon was the start-up of the hour, celebrated by investors and the media. In November 2011, while doubts had been expressed about Groupon’s business model, the company had its IPO. However, after only a year, Groupon fell from the investors’ graces, and media hype turned into glee. Four years later, Groupon is acquiring its fallen competitors again. The latest stop on an on-going ecommerce rollercoaster ride …

Uber cool: Uber’s Successful Marketing Approach in India

Next Generation Marketing
Transportation network Uber is one of Silicon Valley’s most rapidly growing offspring and has been connecting drivers with passengers since 2009.
When expanding to India, the world’s second biggest, market, Uber had to compete against Ola, a local competitor with huge marketing budget. Nevertheless, Uber managed to establish the brand in record time, and without any help from conventional mass marketing …



Fritz Kola: Out of the Niche, On to the Shelves

Start-up Success
When, in 2003, students Mirco Wiegert and Lorenz Hampl came up with an idea for a new kind of cola, the German market was in the firm grip of multinationals such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi.  Armed with the minimalist slogan ‘vielviel koffein’ (muchmuch caffeine), the entrepreneurs went to take on the leading competition in their home town of Hamburg. Slowly but surely, they conquered the German speaking market and now are listed by selected supermarket chains. Let’s backtrack their path to success …


(more…) 3 Lessons from an eCommerce Horror Story.

Paths to Failure was one of the greatest failures of the bubble that burst around the turn of the millennium. 16 years on, we are still talking about this failed online retailer for sports clothes, not only because it was spectacular but also because the reasons for’s demise are timeless and a cautionary tale for modern marketers and start-ups.



Marketing for Marketing Haters: How Stripe’s Online Payment Software Conquered the Hearts of Developers

Stripe. Even if you never heard of them, you probably have used their product. The company, established by Irish brothers John and Patrick Collison, provides infrastructure for online and mobile payments. After only 5 years in business, Silicon Valley touts Stripe as a serious competitor for payment behemoths such as PayPal. Their user friendly applications seem to sell all by themselves. But how did Stripe do it?