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The new features in MARMIND Premium in June

What’s new in the latest version of MARMIND Premium?
In summary, the following areas have been improved or extended for you:

  • The improved cockpit allows an optimal connection between strategic planning and operational implementation.
  • Due to usability and performance improvements in the to-do management, it’s now simpler to organize your activities, and the new function of the subtasks further improves detailed planning.
  • The new feature of the @mentions makes working and coordinating in the team even easier.

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Beyond Meat: What Start-ups Can Learn from the World’s Hottest Vegan Meat Company Right Now

Ten years after its foundation, Californian start-up Beyond Meat drew a lot of attention in May by staging the most successful IPO in 2019. After the first quarterly figures exceeded the expectations of the analysts, despite losses, the manufacturer of vegan meat products’ shares shot up to three to four times their initial value. While the company has yet to prove that it can survive this unprecedented hype, Beyond Meat is the pioneer of a whole industry and disruptive in the best sense. What makes Beyond Meat so successful? And what principles does the company share with other successful start-ups?

A Question of Empathy: How to Interview for Emotional Intelligence

A concept made popular in the mid-90s, Emotional Intelligence (EI) describes the ability to properly perceive, understand and influence one’s own and other’s feelings. It is now rated as a decisive personal success factor, with a bigger influence than purely cognitive and academic capabilities. The role of EI in successful collaboration between executives and their teams is deemed increasingly important. But how can employee emotional intelligence be determined, if possible even during application process? In addition to elaborate, empirically recognized tests, here are strategies to elicit meaningful information on the social skills of your (future) team members during interviews …

Learning from the Best: 4 More Must-Reads (not only) for Startups

Part 2 of our reading list from marketing to business management. Because the annual number of business books and guides is huge, we present you books on the topics of marketing, service and corporate management, which were read by our team and found to be really worthwhile. Have fun discovering more old and new classics of business literature!

Learning from the Best: 5 Must-Reads (not only) for Startups

From marketing to business management, the annual number of business books and guides is huge. But which are really worth reading? To help you navigate the sea of business books, we will feature books on the subjects of marketing, service, innovation and management, all of them read  and deemed recommendable by our Marmind team. Have fun discovering old and new classics of business literature.

Voice Search: 5 Things to Consider for Your Marketing

Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Now: Digital Speech Recognition and Speech Control are fast becoming more popular in the everyday world with smart speakers and digital assistants spreading. They massively influence our search behavior and are the foundation of the next big marketing trend. What effect will voice have on marketing over the next few years? And how can you get your content ready for the next stage of the digital revolution?

Innovation, Emotion, Agility: Spotify’s Rise to Fame

When Spotify was founded in Stockholm in 2006, things looked grim for the music streaming market. Filesharing sites such as Napster had been shut down by court order, and players such as Apple and Pandora used a pay per download or exclusive payment system. Twelve years later, Spotify’s streaming service was listed on the stock market despite fierce competition, and with an issue price well above expectations. How can Spotify’s success be explained? Is it the Netflix of the music industry? And how will they meet the challenges of the future?

Digital Transformation: 3 Marketing Opportunities

Digital transformation is on everyone’s minds these days. The Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Big Data will have a far-reaching effect on companies and their employees. The good news is: The new way of working is full of new opportunities to operate even more effectively and successfully – especially when it comes to cross-company disciplines such as marketing. We had a look at the most exciting developments for you.

Bahlsen Biscuits: 4 Reasons for 130 Years of Success

Choco Leibniz, Puff Pastry Biscuits and the famous Leibniz Butter Biscuit: Over 90% of German-speaking households know the name Bahlsen according to the company website. Their annual production volumes and sales are growing, they export to the US, Europe, Middle East and now Asia. Founded in 1889, this family-owned business  relies not only on tradition and nostalgia to stand up to powerful competitors such as Nestlé, Mondelez or de Beukelaer. What other factors are responsible for the Bahlsen’s success?

Social Responsibility Marketing: 4 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Making the World a Better Place

International companies such as Toms Shoes or Burt’s Bees have led by example and made social responsibility a vital part of their marketing strategy. Talking about it is key – and pays off. But beware: Social responsibility must be more than a marketing tool in order to promote real trust and brand loyalty. Here are the four most important questions you should ask yourself for successful social responsibility marketing beyond the hype.