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Marketing planning end-to-end: 4 Good Reasons for Marketing Resource Management (MRM) with MARMIND®

Digital transformation confronts enterprises and their marketing divisions with almost overwhelmingly complex tasks, with ever more diverse target groups requiring ever more concerted and concentrated collaboration across the company as well as with external partner companies. Marketing resource management systems, which we already took a general look at in our article on MRM systems, are here to help square the circle. In this article we will give you an idea of how MARMIND® not only helps organize your marketing in a centralized way, but also of how to transparently manage it in everyday life, and the advantages you can benefit from.


Marketing Tech Strategy: 4 Pillars of a Successful Digital Transformation

Marketing tech was the dominant topic in D-A-CH companies in 2019, as the comprehensive study “Marketing Tech Monitor 2019” confirms. It comes to the sobering realization that many of these companies are still largely helpless in the face of the profound changes as a result of ditigal transformation, leaving the playing field mainly to agencies. It’s about time to change that. In our article you will get a compact overview of the principles that need to be considered for a meaningful marketing tech strategy, step by step.


The new features in MARMIND® Premium in November

Do not miss the enhancements in MARMIND® Premium in November 2019!

  • In the cockpit, we integrated filter options and added some features to allow you a clear operation.
  • You now have an even better eye on your progress – through an individual ranking of your tasks and an insight into to-dos.
  • A new feature in your notifications shows comments on your to-dos in one click.
  • Your plan view is 6 functions richer to give you a good overall view and accurate detail views.

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Orthopaedic goes Catwalk: 4 Reasons for the Improbable Breakthrough of Birkenstock

Since its introduction in 1964, the Birkenstock sandal with its cork footbed and leather straps was considered sensible, but ultimately unfashionable footwear only donned by square family fathers, hospital personnel and anti-consumption hippies. When, in 2012, the tide turned, a hype erupted around the chunky shoe with its comfortable footbed. Since then, Birkenstock is found in all walks of life, in trendy city districts as well as on international catwalks. The latest highlight of a 245-year company history – but what are the foundations of Birkenstock’s recent success?


Now available at the CELUM Marketplace: 4 ways to optimise your marketing processes with MARMIND® Connect

As a platform for digital asset management and content management, CELUM enables the centralized creation, management, distribution and monetization of content. The CELUM Marketplace also allows customers to add specific functions to their system to integrate seamlessly with third-party solutions. With MARMIND® Connect, a connector for MARMIND® is now available in the Marketplace for the first time. Upgrade your Digital Asset and Content Management with comprehensive Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) that seamlessly integrates CELUM media assets into a central marketing plan. And that’s just for starters …


“How well prepared are DACH-companies for the digital transformation, Dr. Strauss?”

An interview with German Marketing Association President and co-author of the Marketing Tech Monitor study 2019


While the concept of digital transformation is now familiar to decision-makers, most companies are still hesitant or desperate when it comes to facing the challenge. A sobering conclusion drawn by Ralf Strauss, co-author of the Marketing Tech Monitor study 2019. In our interview, however, he also reveals which paths lead through the labyrinth of applications, agencies, data silos and walled garden solutions – step by step.


Marketing in Digital Times: Marketing Resource Management

Big data, hybrid consumers, digitization, multi channel: markets have never been as fragmented as in recent years, navigating them never as complex. Move over, reach and market share. Especially when it comes to customer communication, the much-talked about “Lot Size One” is a challenge that is becoming increasingly real. Rather than yearning for the good old times of mass marketing, a new approach is needed – with an integrated and automated process that feeds, organizes and monitors a centralized plan drawing from a variety of systems and sources. What could such a process look like? And what support can MARMIND® Marketing Resource Management (MRM) provide? More in our article.


The new features in MARMIND® Premium in August

Do not miss the enhancements in MARMIND® Premium in August 2019!

  • In the cockpit we have 2 new features for you. This allows you to optimally combine your strategic planning with operational implementation.
  • With the new admin page, you can conveniently and clearly manage all marketing activities.
  • The bookmarks are 3 functions richer. They allow a more flexible and faster work.
  • You can now give external users / guests easy access to selected areas.
  • Release dates of your activities are visible in the plan at a glance.

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A fairy tale success: How Rotkäppchen became Germany’s leading producer of sparkling wine.

Rotkäppchen (the German name of the fairy tale heroine Red Riding Hood) sparkling wine is the ultimate success story of an East German brand that has managed to emerge strengthened after the many ups and downs of 125 years of corporate history. After a low point in 1990, when the fall of the Berlin Wall also brought the traditional GDR brand to the brink of collapse almost overnight, Rotkäppchen bubbled up again within a few years to become the most popular East German champagne brand. Today, they are the leading company in whole Germany. How did the Freyburg company do it? (more…)

More than Just Marketing: The 5 Pillars of Red Bull’s Success

More than Just Marketing: The 5 Pillars of Red Bull’s Success

Guerrilla marketing, sports sponsorship, content marketing. For over 30 years, Red Bull has been setting numerous milestones in marketing and branding and has become a blueprint for start-ups eager for marketing success. Why add another to the many articles that are already in circulation about Austria’s most famous brand? Rather than reproducing the usual details of the marketing genius that has made Red Bull one of the world’s most recognizable brands, we wanted to take a look at universal principles that give wings not only to the energy drink maker, but also to any startup that wants to rise to the top.


The new features in MARMIND Premium in June

What’s new in the latest version of MARMIND Premium?
In summary, the following areas have been improved or extended for you:

  • The improved cockpit allows an optimal connection between strategic planning and operational implementation.
  • Due to usability and performance improvements in the to-do management, it’s now simpler to organize your activities, and the new function of the subtasks further improves detailed planning.
  • The new feature of the @mentions makes working and coordinating in the team even easier.

For a detailed list click below …

Beyond Meat: What Start-ups Can Learn from the World’s Hottest Vegan Meat Company Right Now

Ten years after its foundation, Californian start-up Beyond Meat drew a lot of attention in May by staging the most successful IPO in 2019. After the first quarterly figures exceeded the expectations of the analysts, despite losses, the manufacturer of vegan meat products’ shares shot up to three to four times their initial value. While the company has yet to prove that it can survive this unprecedented hype, Beyond Meat is the pioneer of a whole industry and disruptive in the best sense. What makes Beyond Meat so successful? And what principles does the company share with other successful start-ups?