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7 Mistakes That Three Out of Four CMOs Make

For 20 years, we have been digitalizing marketing processes in large and medium-sized companies. And in that time, we have noticed that the reasons why marketing teams are not as efficient as they’d like to be are almost always the same. One classic example is spreadsheet overload.

We spoke to Ralf E. Strauß, President of the German Marketing Union, to compile a list of the seven most common pitfalls for CMOs. As one of the top consultants for digitalization in marketing Strauß can confirm that “when undertaking a digital audit to investigate the challenges faced by the head of marketing, we often see that the problems lie in very fundamental areas.” We compiled this list so you can benefit from his insights and avoid making these common mistakes:

Double facepalm meme featuring Jean-Luc Picard with the caption reading When marketing celebrates their like again and sales does not know why


Why Large Companies Put Their Trust in Marketing Technology Before the Crisis – and Are now Two Steps Ahead

Okay, okay. Not many marketers would have sketched out their new marketing plan on a piece of parchment when the crisis hit. But you need to do far more than store marketing plans on SharePoint to become a trailblazer in digitalization. Real digital transformation means going far beyond simply introducing a couple of new tools. Companies that made use of cross-process marketing technology before the crisis were at a definite advantage when the time came to replan from scratch.



Ottakringer: How a Traditional Viennese Brewery Is Fuelling Austria’s Craft Beer Craze

In the competitive Austrian beer market, the independent Ottakringer brewery has been the number 3 for years, successfully defying the hegemony of international brewing groups. In addition to being the undisputed market leader around Vienna, Ottakringer has grown from a down-to-earth brewery to an innovative event brand and a “creative beer hub” over recent years, focusing on a young, cosmopolitan and urban target group that experience Ottakringer not only as a traditional thirst quencher but as an integral part of their cultural and social life. Let’s take a closer look at Ottakringer’s marketing strategy.


Shifting Shapes: The Many Faces of Austrian Underwear Brand Palmers

Sexy and provocative. Comfortable and high-quality. Innovative and modern. In its 105-year history, the Palmers brand has been reinvented several times. Since “Restenkönig“ (literally translating as Surplus King) was founded in Innsbruck in 1915, only the crown in the striking green logo has remained the same. Innovative marketing and a good instinct for social trends made Palmers an iconic brand in Austria and beyond. After a phase of consolidation, Austria’s largest textile company is now back on the road to success. What can marketers learn from Palmers’ eventful history?

Front view of a Palmers shop in Vienna

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Why Large Companies like WAGO Need more than Features to Keep Track of Their Marketing

Where before as many as five tools were required to obtain an overview of all their campaigns, today MARMIND takes care of all WAGO’s marketing needs. Besides MARMIND’s clear, consistent processes and its central file storage for assets, it provides, most importantly, a means of transparent communication and task allocation that truly lightens the team’s day-to-day workload. This success is not only down to the new software, but the expert know-how of its providers.

German manufacturer WAGO's logo

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How Deutsche Telekom Uses MARMIND to Take Its Digital Marketing to the Next Level

With its SMARTMARKETING initiative, Europe’s leading telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom set out some time ago to boost its digital marketing. Besides a set of other tools, MARMIND was introduced to plan, monitor, and manage marketing campaigns. As a result, workflows have become more transparent and collaboration with both team members and external contributors is much easier.

Deutsche Telekom flag with logo


“Integrating M@RS with MARMIND allows you to get the best of two worlds”

In an interview, mediamid CEO Peter M. Hofer explains the advantages of combining a DAM system such as M@RS with MARMIND

Founded in 2003, software provider mediamid has become a specialist for digital asset management (DAM). In an interview, founder and CEO Peter M. Hofer explains how DAM systems help large businesses organize and control media files efficiently, why integrating them with other systems is useful, and how coronavirus will shape the digital future.

Peter M. Hofer, CEO of mediamid, a software vendor providing the digital asset management solution M@RS

Peter M. Hofer, Founder and CEO of mediamid


Marketing in Magenta: 4 Winning Strategies by Brand of the Year Deutsche Telekom

The Red Dot Award jury’s statement hails Deutsche Telekom for creating a simple, puristic brand that has been consistently reinvented and developed. It manages to remain relevant for all ages, always ready to meet the zeitgeist while remaining true to itself. The “Brand of the Year 2019” award is further proof of the strategic success of the formerly nationalized telco provider Telekom. From a number 4 ranking behind Vodafone, Orange and Telecom Italia in 2008, Deutsche Telekom is now the most valuable European telecommunication brand. How did they do it? And what are the highlights of Telekom’s marketing strategy?

Magenta-colored Deutsche Telekom logo on the wall of a building

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How Investment Management Firm Invesco Has Optimized Its Marketing Using a Centralized Campaign Management Platform

Getting more done with fewer resources: When investment management firm Invesco decided to introduce a campaign management tool to make its marketing more transparent for all team members, nobody would have guessed just how much time and effort it will save them. Five years on, the marketing team has seen a significant increase in efficiency. Instead of four full-time people, there is now one person spending 50% of their time on planning and routine tasks.

Invesco Atlanta offices


Why using Excel spreadsheets for marketing planning is a bad idea – especially during a crisis

Since the coronavirus outbreak, marketers everywhere have been busy revising their annual plans to adapt to the new circumstances and, more importantly, to prevent campaigns from causing a backlash. While some CMOs may think now is not the time to discuss switching to a new tool, we highlight how getting rid of spreadsheets will help marketers navigate the crisis.

Marketer using Excel spreadsheet for annual marketing plan

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Doppelmayr Ropeways: 4 Pillars of the Industry Leader’s Success

Anyone who has ever spent a winter holiday in the mountains has more than likely come across the name Doppelmayr. With a market share of 60%, the former cable car construction pioneers not only lead the industry in numbers, but the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group is also considered a spearhead of innovation within the industry, introducing new, faster, and more comfortable lifts, as well as delivering cable car technology for adventure parks, suspension railways in Las Vegas, and transportation to attractions such as the Great Wall of China. In addition, it is establishing itself in the field of alternative urban transportation, especially in Asia and South America. How did Doppelmayr find its way to the top?

Mi Teleferico Cable Car by Doppelmayr Garaventa in La Paz

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