Peter Ramsenthaler

Marketing in Digital Times: Marketing Resource Management

Big data, hybrid consumers, digitization, multi-channel: markets have never been as fragmented as in recent years, navigating them never as complex. Move over, reach and market share. Especially when it comes to customer communication, the much-talked-about “Lot Size One” is a challenge that is becoming increasingly real. Rather than yearning for the good old times.

Ottakringer: How a Traditional Viennese Brewery Is Fuelling Austria’s Craft Beer Craze

In the competitive Austrian beer market, the independent Ottakringer brewery has been the number 3 for years, successfully defying the hegemony of international brewing groups. In addition to being the undisputed market leader around Vienna, Ottakringer has grown from a down-to-earth brewery to an innovative event brand and a “creative beer hub” over recent years,.

Shifting Shapes: The Many Faces of Austrian Underwear Brand Palmers

Sexy and provocative. Comfortable and high-quality. Innovative and modern. In its 105-year history, the Palmers brand has been reinvented several times. Since “Restenkönig“ (literally translating as Surplus King) was founded in Innsbruck in 1915, only the crown in the striking green logo has remained the same. Innovative marketing and a good instinct for social trends.

Hitting It Home: 4 Winning Principles behind German DIY Retailer Hornbach’s Marketing

The home improvement market in the German-speaking world is crowded and full of fierce competition. The regular winner of the raging marketing battles is Hornbach. While its competition focuses largely on efficiency and prices, Hornbach relies on the appeal of a brand with a distinctive profile and quirky commercials. Its success proves Hornbach right. For.

Marketing planning end-to-end: 4 Good Reasons for Marketing Resource Management (MRM) with MARMIND®

Digital transformation confronts enterprises and their marketing divisions with almost overwhelmingly complex tasks, with ever more diverse target groups requiring ever more concerted and concentrated collaboration across the company as well as with external partner companies. Marketing resource management systems, which we already took a general look at in our article on MRM systems, are.