Johanna Dungl

Marketing Resource Management and Marketing Automation: How Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe Is Getting Its Marketing Future-Ready

Around two and a half years ago, Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe decided to introduce marketing automation. It soon became clear that the complexity in marketing called for a comprehensive solution to optimize not only the lead generation process but also resource management. To make marketing truly future-oriented you need a combination of marketing automation.

The Difference Between Multi-, Cross-, and Omnichannel Marketing

Multi-, cross-, and omnichannel marketing: At first glance, this just looks like a lot of channels – and the terms are often used as synonyms. But, in reality, these are three different concepts. Read on to find out what these terms mean, how they differ, and what the trend towards omnichannel marketing means for your.

7 Mistakes That Three Out of Four CMOs Make

For 20 years, we have been digitalizing marketing processes in large and medium-sized companies. And in that time, we have noticed that the reasons why marketing teams are not as efficient as they’d like to be are almost always the same. One classic example is spreadsheet overload. We compiled a list of the seven most.

How Deutsche Telekom Uses MARMIND to Take Its Digital Marketing to the Next Level

With its SMARTMARKETING initiative, Europe’s leading telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom set out some time ago to boost its digital marketing. Besides a set of other tools, MARMIND was introduced to plan, monitor, and manage marketing campaigns. As a result, workflows have become more transparent and collaboration with both team members and external contributors is much.

Why using Excel spreadsheets for marketing planning is a bad idea – especially during a crisis

Since the coronavirus outbreak, marketers everywhere have been busy revising their annual plans to adapt to the new circumstances and, more importantly, to prevent campaigns from causing a backlash. While some CMOs may think now is not the time to discuss switching to a new tool, we highlight how getting rid of spreadsheets will help.