We combine software engineering with design and technical know-how with a passion for what we do.

We translate programming language into everyday applications and combine customer requirements with the drive to live our vision.

About the company

UPPER Network is an international provider of software technologies. Using standardized software solutions and personal consultation, we support you in the implementation and optimization of your marketing processes.

The core product MARMIND is one of the leading software solutions for integrated marketing management. By combining campaigns, budget and results, MARMIND provides an overview of the entire marketing process – presented in a central marketing plan. With the perspective gained through MARMIND, manage activities and investments systematically, and optimize processes and measures.

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The vision of MARMIND

Technologies for companies
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Founded in Hamburg
MARMND Enterprise

Peter Ramsenthaler

Managing director UPPER Network


Managing Director MARMIND


Managing Director UPPER Flow

The Story Behind MARMIND®

In the late nineties, I worked in the music industry for a multinational corporation and realized that a lot of excellent products did not receive the budget or attention they deserved for economic reasons.

Numbers, effectiveness and efficiency govern the world of business. But how can someone attract attention to an outstanding idea or product, win customers, and be commercially successful within budget constraints? – to provide an answer to this question is what motivates our products.

MARMIND offers customers a software solution to market their products more effectively and to enjoy achieving the extraordinary easier.

Nobody wants to waste time integrating different software solutions and hardly anyone has time to constantly deal with changes in marketing possibilities. We take the time to do this for you, continually optimize MARMIND, and integrate the world’s best software tools and services – our customers can expect a solution with one price.

We continue to optimize our products and expand them with new tools, features and services. But our goal remains the same: We want to make it as easy as possible for you to market your products or services. Or in other words, make the best or most unusual ideas, concepts and creations a reality.

Peter Ramsenthaler
Managing Director / Founder

Offices Worldwide

UPPER Network GmbH (Zentrale)

UPPER Network GmbH

UPPER Network GmbH

UPPER Network

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