Quality means for us that we understand our customers’ problems. We have a passion for innovative solutions with high usability.


An experienced team and long-lasting customer relationships make us sustainable. This gives us the freedom to use new technologies and processes.


We live real team spirit. Together we solve problems and make the impossible possible.


We maintain a respectful work environment and practice open communication within the team, with our partners and customers. Without limiting the freedom of each individual.


We see each project as a new startup and develop the necessary passion and determination for it. Making mistakes and celebrating successes is our daily business.

new grounds

We are tenacious. We confront problems. We give each individual the freedom to overcome boundaries. This way we can achieve exceptional solutions that inspire our customers.

UPPER Network has been a successful international provider of software technologies for over 18 years. Our goal is to inspire with innovative solutions and excellent support – from start-ups to international corporations. Among them market leaders such as Daimler, Universal Music, Red Bull or Deutsche Telekom.

MARMIND helps CMOs and marketing companies keep track of all their marketing campaigns and spending. As a result, your day-to-day operations get easier, you gain insight into your results and costs in real-time and you manage all your operational marketing activities – locally, regionally and globally.








Founded in Hamburg


MARMIND Enterprise



The vision of MARMIND

Technologies for companies
to spread ideas that inspire


The Story Behind MARMIND®

In the late nineties, I worked in the music industry for a multinational corporation and realized that a lot of excellent products did not receive the budget or attention they deserved for economic reasons.

Numbers, effectiveness and efficiency govern the world of business. But how can someone attract attention to an outstanding idea or product, win customers, and be commercially successful within budget constraints? – to provide an answer to this question is what motivates our products.

MARMIND offers customers a software solution to market their products more effectively and to enjoy achieving the extraordinary easier.

Nobody wants to waste time integrating different software solutions and hardly anyone has time to constantly deal with changes in marketing possibilities. We take the time to do this for you, continually optimize MARMIND, and integrate the world’s best software tools and services – our customers can expect a solution with one price.

We continue to optimize our products and expand them with new tools, features and services. But our goal remains the same: We want to make it as easy as possible for you to market your products or services. Or in other words, make the best or most unusual ideas, concepts and creations a reality.

Peter Ramsenthaler, Founder

Join Our Team

We are always looking for employees who are passionate about marketing and engineering, and want to make extraordinary ideas a reality. We work in several independent teams with effective, lean processes, a high degree of personal responsibility and transparent communication. If you are interested, please contact us and we will be happy to send you our current openings.

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