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Keep track of plans, budgets and results – monitoring your marketing activities has never been easier.

How MARMIND helps you & your marketing efforts
Planning – Organization – Monitoring

MARMIND makes marketing planning easier, helps you professionalize team collaboration and lets you analyze campaign performance and costs.

In addition, MARMIND integrates existing software solutions, creating an end-to-end process. This allows you to carry out your marketing strategy and to monitor the entire marketing process.

One central marketing plan to keep everything organized

Plan and budget your marketing campaigns in one tool – collaborate with team members to implement your activities.

Your content (agency briefings, media assets, designs) is centrally stored, edited and integrated into your marketing planning.

Workflows and to-dos digitized

Coordinate and automate your marketing processes. Responsibilities are clearly defined – both for your team members and your business partners.

You benefit from continuous knowledge transfer. Timelines and budgets are respected.

Manage all online and offline channels with one click

MARMIND compares key performance indicators to costs and provides insight into the performance of your campaigns and individual channels with one click.

Take control of your operations through your personal management cockpit and make quick, flexible and well-grounded strategic decisions.

More than 400 companies worldwide, including many market leaders, have been relying on us for 20 years
What customers say about MARMIND
What analysts say about MARMIND

“MARMIND is the leading campaign management software and the leading company when it comes to project quality.”

THE GROUP OF ANALYSTS, Market Performance Wheel „MRM“

Latest news


December, 04.-05. 2019 > https://www.marketing-tag.de/

UPPER Network and Deutsche Telekom Join Forces for Deutscher Marketing Tag

UPPER Network and German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom are joining forces for this year’s Deutscher Marketing Tag congress, taking place on December 4 and 5 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Anyone interested can visit our booth to find out how MARMIND can help make marketing processes more efficient. In addition, Peter Ramsenthaler, Founder of UPPER Network, and Wolfgang Groening, Head of Smart Marketing at Deutsche Telekom, are giving a masterclass to provide insights into MARMIND, Upper Network’s innovative software solution, and smart marketing at Deutsche Telekom. How does Deutsche Telekom master the digital transformation? What does real-time controlling mean in terms of marketing? And how can innovative software solutions help businesses prepare for the digital age?

With Deutsche Telekom new on board, UPPER Network has managed to win another large customer. Relying on MARMIND to plan, control and monitor its marketing activities, Europe’s leading telecommunications company is well-prepared to meet the challenges of digitization.

September, 10.-12. 2019 > https://dmexco.com/

Sharing insights at DMEXCO: Survival of the fittest! – How MARMIND Can Help You Survive the Digital Revolution in Marketing | 2019

Patrick Moser (Managing Director MARMIND) / © Foto: Koelnmesse GmbH; Uwe Weiser

Digitization is about teamwork. Digitization is about working together across disciplines, time zones and national borders, using a centralized organization and storage solution to help marketers meet the needs of increasingly dynamic markets.

“Digitization means implementing processes – people need to get away from the idea that they can simply translate their status quo in the analogue world into a digital solution. You need to think outside the box.”, says Patrick Moser, Managing Director MARMIND.

MARMIND allows you to exploit the full potential of digital technologies for your marketing activities. How we do that? –

MARMIND connects campaigns, budgets and results in one centralized marketing plan, enabling you to keep track of campaigns, costs, and results on one centralized platform.

The only way to beat your competitors in the race for transformation is to break down marketing silos and start connecting all your marketing activities.

Did you miss the talk? No problem at all, you can view a 20-minute video to see Patrick Moser, Managing Director MARMIND, present a product pitch in the Demo Arena in Cologne on the 11th September 2019.


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