One software tool. Full control.

Keep track of plans, budgets and results.
A central platform to manage and orchestrate all marketing activities. 

How to Master Your Marketing with MARMIND
Planning – Organization – Monitoring

MARMIND combines campaigns, budgets and results into one central marketing plan. This allows better planning, improved team collaboration and comprehensive analysis of marketing activities. Using MARMIND, marketers gain control over their marketing and make smarter investment decisions.

In addition to state-of-the-art implementation methods, we use a Europe-wide network of marketing experts and technology partners. This way, we ensure the proper use and acceptance of new technologies. Personal customer care guarantees professional implementation and top-notch service during the whole duration of the project.

One central marketing plan for collaborative planning

Plan and budget your marketing campaigns in one plan – in collaboration with your team and always up-to-date for all parties involved.

Your content (agency briefings, media assets, designs) is centrally stored, edited and can be shared at the push of a button.

Digitized workflows & to-dos

Optimize and automate your marketing processes. Tedious and error-prone workflows will soon be a thing of the past. Maintain an overview of each task status – within your team and across the board, right down to your business partners (agency, printing company, partner). Regardless of vacation or sick leave: Information is accessible at all times.

Manage all online and offline channels with one click

MARMIND compares the success of your campaigns with the current costs at the push of a button. You will easily gain insights which marketing measures work well in which channels.

Plan future investments based on facts instead of gut feeling. Take control of your marketing through your personal management cockpit and make quick and well-grounded strategic decisions.

More than 400 companies worldwide, including many market leaders, have been relying on us for 20 years
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“MARMIND is the leading campaign management software and the leading company when it comes to project quality.”

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Latest News


April 29th, 2020 > Online Conference: AMC Meeting Spring 2020

Case Study: How Investment Management Firm Invesco Has Optimized Its Marketing Using a Centralized Campaign Management Platform

AMC Meeting Frühjahr 2020

Patrick Moser, Managing Director MARMIND, and Paul Carruzzo, Head of EMEA Marketing Performance at Invesco, will be giving a talk at an online conference organized by AMC, a German marketing circle for people working in the insurance industry, to speak about how Invesco managed to optimize its marketing with MARMIND.

Getting more done with fewer resources: When investment management firm Invesco decided to introduce a campaign management tool to make its marketing more transparent for all team members, nobody would have guessed just how much time and effort it will save them. Five years on, the marketing team has seen a significant increase in efficiency. Instead of four full-time people, there is now one person spending 50% of their time on planning and routine tasks.

Read the full story here


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